Its been 50 Years since Homosexuality was decriminalised, and times have changed. So we sat down an openly gay 13 year Old Louis and an Openly Gay 78 year old Percy to have a chat about the differences 50 years have made on Gay Culture and Acceptance. Guys, Thankyou for watching, Hope you liked it and were able to learn something new! Please share this video to educate someone you know about LGBT History and Awareness. This video was Produced/Edited & Directed by Trent & Luke but wouldn’t of happened without the amazing help of London Pride #ProudToBe and BBC2 with their new documentary ‘Against The Law’ which will be out at the end of july.


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  1. I had no idea homosexuality was decriminalized 50 years ago in the UK when this video came out, thats like… 1967. Meanwhile in the US it took until 2003!! I was born before homosexuality was legal, albeit only for a year but still! Thats rather sad isn't it?

  2. I figured out that I liked girls at the age of seven, but didn’t know what it was or if something was wrong with me . Thank gods to television for sorta being the only thing helping me to figure out what I was. My family was supportive when I told them, but my best friend who was religious actively avoided me until one day she gathered a group of friends and they straight up started punching and kicking me. They said I was a sinner and was evil and I would be punished or whatever. I’m glad everyone for the most part is accepting of me, but I will never forget the looks of pure hatred on their faces. Funny, how she always said “love everyone” and was the sweetest 7th grader, but stabbed me in the back so damned fast. You never know who will turn on you until it’s too late, watch your backs, people. Just be glad for those who love you.

  3. Sometimes it's easy to forget just how far we have come came out at 16 in 1982 never dreamed I'd get married let alone be loved. Now we have gay parents raising families of their own.

  4. Wow.. for the very first time… I watched someone … Someone like a grandparent…. Who is there for us … To acknowledge …. To understand….
    But unfortunately it's not in India….
    Specially in small towns…

  5. I LOVE cross-generational interactions. At an age where I'm halfway between these 2 guys, I get to interact with both and I find both so interesting ❤️

  6. At the end when the boy sounds like he is getting emotional, that tells me something in their discussion hit home on some level.

    What's really sad is regardless of the years that everyone should be able to be themselves. No one should ever have to pretend to be something or someone else.

  7. I'm not fully out as gay yet but I really hope no one in my family will hate me or get homophobia because I grew up in a cult where we literally couldn't drink tea or coffee and masturbating is a sin and should never do it. I realized that masturbating is part of growing up and drinking coffee or tea isnt bad health wise as long as you don't drink it all the time.

  8. its nice to hear that.. what a freedom.. I"m searching for many years for a loving partner… but I"m still alone…. Its sad to say… these guys are very lucky… want to find a country Its legal.. if some one can help me pleas tell me…

  9. Came across this video and just had to watch. What a fantastic idea a 13 year old and a 78 year old talking about the differeces over 65 years. Wow the older guys been together 51 years. I thought i was doing good at 26 years with my Husband.

  10. So much respect to Louis only 13 I liked how he replied and asked, so mature. I'm a gay guy myself and yeah even now a days so much homophobic abuse is still happening. But all I can say is to all the homophobia scumbags is you are all jealous of us and our lives are so much better than yours 😁❤

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