Movie Title: “Wild Awakening” edited by RexRed to Elton John’s song, “Sacrifice”.

Director: Joan Fermí Martí
Writer: Joan Fermí Martí

Wild Awakening can be purchased here on YouTube at this address:

Actor Fabian Castro plays character Toni and actor Christian Blanch plays character Aaron.

Toni & Aaron


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  2. will you be featuring Wes and Turbo from Daybreak and Paul and Gavin from The Perfect Wedding, I haven't seen your full playlist yet so forgive me if you have but just in case … Thanks for these lovely storylines.

  3. I recognized the voice before I saw your credit but I have to say this to you ….. you are a master and everything you do in some way touches people to their very core ….. you are not only a master but you are a genius and I love your work ….. others may try to duplicate you but they can't match the master.

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