Why Gay Pride Month Is Stupid (Go Gay People!)



  1. I agree that pride month is stupid, and your points make sense, but i think you didn't go over enough of the reasons why it's stupid and unnecessary. There's a mountain more.

  2. Their aggressive gay propaganda is actually criminal, especially because they target it towards children, they sexualize children and break their right for a healthy sexless normal happy childhood. SAY NO TO lgbt PROPAGANDA.

  3. Making a new comment cuz bitches b stupid DAFAQ I am a thriving gay obviously I don’t agree with the person in this video because it’s not just about being gay it’s about being you straight gay lesbein whatever the fuck you are bitch you experess it and we have this month to notice everything beautiful about being supportive or a part of lgbt it never will be just for gay people this month will never fucking be stupid this month is a month about appreciation and love and coming together as a community and being happy it’s not stupid sis it’s one sexy ass month of being the bad bitch that you really are and if you can’t see it as that then your cancelled sis periodt

  4. Celebrate with dignity instead of street masturbation . look straight. Being gay is not a style of looking foolish nor the tearing down of tradition. look smart and you will be treated smart as a common sense thought. The problem with gay pride month and the street march is that it is tied into liberal stupidity and the everything is OK mentality. The false alliances.

  5. To be honest… and before anyone sends hate… I don’t think this month should exist… people should be understanding all year around, not just for one month….

  6. When an individual feels that the first statement he has to make is something like: "I'm not against these people.", or "I'm not a bigot.", it is a 100% sure bet that they are against those people, or they are a bigot. This asshole is no exception to that.

  7. What gets me really pissed about this month is that if there’s a big game or movie coming out in this month(no pun intended) there always has to be a gay character I’m not homophobic or anything but it’s fucking stupid if there has to be a gay character in a specific movie or game. Take woody for an example, they announced that woody is “openly bisexual” like what’s the point of that it’s not like he’s gonna fuck buzz and bo peep at the same time.

  8. I'm getting tired of people swarming my inbox. First of all, In the intro of the video, is "DISCLAIMS" that he loves Gay people which I don't know why that doesn't satisfy the LGBTQ+ audience. Second, this video was only to be intended as a joke instead of stirring the pot on politics which he does state "The media makes this who Gay Pride month into a big thing/political and what does politics do? SPLIT US UP! The Video was just trying to give peoples brains food to think outside of this circle of arguments that occur every year around this time. Sexual Orientation should not be put in front of a lot of things in this world, but with those situations. I understand deeply that people lost their lives over being gay because people bullied them, I hate that, I really do but the only way we will form equality in this is not through stupid months that dedicate to only one group, we should all hold hands. Plus, the word pride is through achieving something, not through being someone. So instead of taking this video seriously, let's just look at it as a harmless joke instead of a negative message.

  9. Let me make another disclaimer since I didn't know people were going to be so salty, this was mainly a joking manner video that did have "some" good points in it. The format of this was just to complain about everything with no anti-gay opinions implemented into it. Not to start a political debate in the comment section….. But I guess next time I have to put at the beginning of the next video is to not watch the video if you will become upset over it.

  10. We dedicate gay pride month to memorialize those who we’ve lost to suicide due to being gay and being bullied by homophobics we celebrate our history as gay people (or whatever you are a part of in lgbt) we celebrate this month to show who we are and embrace ourselves without being scared so no this month isn’t stupid it is beautiful

  11. Let’s see those pitchforks and fires rise!

    Jokes aside-
    U actually said it m8, I don’t like this entire bs either and I’m someone affected. I’d be ashamed if I ever did shit like that, homosexuality isn’t a picked on minority anymore…

    Säxy avatar btw! love it

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