Whitney is insulted out of nowhere when attending her first gay pride with mother Babs.
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  1. Whitney, you are a adorable person, you give st much love, that guy was an was, l was totaly shocked someone would say that to another person in this day and age….your beauty is not how you look, it shines through the shell that cradels who you are…..

  2. He had a Mic pack yes but that doesn't mean producers told Whitney what he was going to say her reaction was probably genuine it's 2019 I think we all know by now these scenes are setup but the outcome of the setup is the "reality" bit even if Whitney knew what he was going to say it must be bloody exhausting to hear I thought this show was about Whitney and her life the show has changed and I just hope Whitney is ok when's she's spat back out xxx

  3. Forget the mic pack you can see as he walks away. You know this is fake because the guy says this IN FRONT OF A TV CAMERA… What does he think "TLC" is? A new type of radio station that takes video? This show is bullshit. HOW else do we know? Because Whitney didn't shoot her fat mouth off at the guy and call him a "body shamer" then pretended to cry

  4. How did the guy who insulted her get mic’d up, yet didn’t sign the release allowing them to show his face? Whitney may not be my favorite person, but I really do hope that the film crew let her know, prior to the insult that it was all a staged act.

  5. If you’re a supposed radio talk-show host, you should be able to handle shit, it’s what comes with something that is based on opinions.
    I’ve noticed Whitney being so happy she’s fat but as soon as someone says she is fat she just breaks down or just surrender. She can’t be on radio if she’s easily offended.
    Even though it’s scripted, she plays a very hypocritical role.
    Maybe just MAYBE if you’re in denial about being proud and fat (which you are) and break down whenever someone points out the obvious….MAYBE you should shed a couple hundred pounds Whitney.

  6. If fat girls are always screaming how they are so confident and accept the way they are, body positivity and all that bullshit, then how come they can go from 100% to 0% like she just did.
    Fat women can say whatever they want but the reality is this – MEN DO NOT LIKE FAT WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!! PERIOD!!
    Even another fat guy does not like a fat woman. That is just the reality.

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