In the spirit of Logo’s newest shows ‘Cucumber’ and ‘Banana’ NewNowNext asked gay men of all ages, shapes, sizes, and preferences open up about the taboo subject of age regardless of how they feel about the word “Daddy”.


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  1. What they will find is that every year north of 30 is another degree of invisibility. I don’t even acknowledge younger gay guys anymore, because like the one guy said, the idea of being thought of as a desperate letch is repellant.

  2. I think my taste in has changed, when I was young (until 25 ) I used to like boys younger than me, I had no interest in older men, Now I'm in my 30's and young boys seem boring, suddenly I feel attracted to men older than me, gray hair turns me on, maybe our taste in men really change with age

  3. This is all so boring.. the reality is about Love, Respect, Experience, Kindness and more. My husband, of 13 years, will turn 50 in a few days. We have been living together for 25 years next month. I am 76. Age? Give yourselves a break and get over the boring bullshit. Bully, Ignorance, Self Loathing, so many more adjectives define your judgement. The really sad thing? I am NOT his Daddy.. I am his EQUAL, HE is mine. Open your insipid minds.. you are gross.

  4. In So many cultures, guys over 25 are not that young. Not all young guys are looking for sugar daddies or older man… many are concentrated in careers and dating people their age.

  5. I'm 23 and so far I only dated men 37 upward lmao

    I have no time with unexperienced fuckers, I need a teacher to teach and guide me, to nurture and to cherish me. I love being spoiled by older guys because they like giving attention too 😍

  6. Being over 50 is so much better because we have been there done that mentality. With coronavirus, were more isolated yet we yearn to be loved and accepted. Looks dont last forever. I like intelligence and being real in a person. I hate fashion, hate trends, phoniness. Real poor working class people are the ones i respect. I dont like the gay mafia, which does exist. I dont like the whole nonsense. I have stuffed animals, books, records, cassettes, dvds to keep me busy. Bars are not my style. Baths are passé. Fakebook sucks shit. Its better to be creative and live life to the fullest.

  7. Im 41 and gay and my ex boyfriend was in his 50s and was with him 9 years and engaged at time and usually older like me as i like guys older and younger than my age. If 34 is old, then i must be ancient for my age. When i hear that, its a bit hurtful in ways, but cool at same time too. I cant rely on my looks as im a chubby, older, and have imperfections, no muscle but i would rather be this way than only be liked for my looks. I prefer intelligence over looks anyday.

  8. There's a wonderful life past clubs and hook ups. We all get old, decide how you're gonna do it! I'm 53 and I don't envy guys in their 20's one bit. My life is way better now then ever before. A stable long-term relationship, a career, no financial issues. I live on my terms.
    Have fun now but pay attention, you all have a future.

  9. NO, REPEAT NO MATTER how you slice or dice it age prejudice will ALWAYS, REPEAT ALWAYS be an overriding, disgusting, raging factor in the human race. Straight, gay, bi, doesn't matter……it's especially out of total fucking control in the West. HORRIBLY.

  10. That great line from 'To Catch A Thief', Jealous bitch,"What does he see in you, you're so old". Grace Kelly'" To a child anyone over 20 is old". Brilliant…and so true.But hell I'm so old even older guys, and I mean OLDER guys, are young! Though just before I retired I was on a job and the homeowner asked my age. I told him and he said, "God, your just a baby" ahahahaha. It's all relative, baby, all relative.

  11. im looking for a matured guys someone who can understand with long experience in life coz i know that age is just only a number but our heart still young and its will not be old ….im also looking for a real and serious relationship by the way im hilton sebastian from bulacan Philippines. +639063330599 skype: mayke000

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