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  1. When I was 25 I met up with this guy who was 48. Omg he gave the best head. Sex was amazing and everytime I was about to release he'd stop and began to bang me. He was a landscaper he was cute reminded me kinda like Joe , Teresa brother from Housewives of Jersey. 😁 At lot of the younger gays say Eww older guys are nasty. But I always been attracted to older men. Now I will say I want ones that keep themselves in shape, you don't have to have a 6 pac but be decent. Now I am 38 , and find the younger ones just want to bang but the older ones know what they are doing.

  2. I’ve always liked older guys…when I was in my 20s, most of my hookups were with guys in their late 40snto early 50s. And no, I don’t have daddy issues…I had an amazing dad who was a construction worker during the week and was a fisherman on the weekends…I just liked older dudes.

    Now that I’m almost 50, I still find myself checking guys that are between 55 and 65.

    But for some reason, the guys who have been hitting me up for chats and for hookups are usually in their 20s. Go figure.

  3. More importantly gay men need to be reminded daily that gay people get old, and that they don’t Magic’s turn into their favorite female diva. Watch the documentary “Before you know it”

  4. I'm 70 and having MORE sex and HOTTER sex – and a whole lot kinkier! – than when I was 20-30-40!?!? Ya … never would have believed it when I was …. 20's-30's-40's-50's ….

  5. Well done.
    What I find – young gay men don't understand the power and flirtation of a simple conversation. Some gay people seem to think there's limits. In terms of friendship and conversation – the word LIMITLESS comes to mind. People think – there's power in ignoring people. There is NO power in ignorance. You will never know – what you don't know.
    But a friendship begins with a smile and a conversation ; like a sex relationship, you have to take a chance and put yourself Out There – you feel vulnerable.
    That early, fledgling friendship is like a plant you may keep in your house. If you water, feed and take care of that houseplant, it will grow and grow into something special. If you don't take care of that friendship – it will die.

  6. Good video! My husband and I were at Market Days in Chicago last weekend, and I really noticed how invisible I felt ( I am 65). It is kind of a weird feeling, and I am trying to process it, in a positive way.

    So nice timing!

    My husband has a low sex drive and I do not! I would like to find a way to expand my sex life, as an older man. It is true, we can last longer and appreciate sex much more deeply. Sigh!

    Keep up the good work!!

  7. Davey if there is one thing I can offer as advice after all the years of watching you on here. Your porn company the name is ok but I really think you need to pause in between the him, and the Eros. The only reason I say this is because when you say it so close like that I hear hemorrhoid. I'm sorry but I do.

  8. This was great. However, when it comes to porn, I think of it as a kind of science fiction. It would be nice if things like that happened in real life but, they don't. At least not for me. I'm 62 and going on around 10 years of no sex. I didn't want that but that's what happened. It seems once I got over 50 it was over…not that it was much before that, to be honest. I never felt confident enough to approach anyone and nobody approached me so my sex life hasn't been much of a much. Now that I'm older I can only imagine I would be rejected on the spot if anyone even had an idea I found them attractive. So, in one way it's nice that these erotic videos exist to at least fill a need for a fantasy world that will never happen….on the other hand it reminds me of a life I will never have.

  9. Let me help all of you out…….I am a lot older too and live in a large city. Messing around with an older guy was (and has been) equated to great bedtime fun, even for guys waaaayyy younger than me. David, sorry it is not anatomically possible to acknowledge calling you "Davey"….you have a great approach in your content, but please go by Dave or David. You, yourself, are even too mature for that. Thank you for posting this and I enjoyed it a lot. A++++

  10. This was a good video because of the discussion of ageism and some of the issues faced in the community. I thought it was good conversation and informative.

  11. Bravo!!! Bravo!!! This gentleman speaks truth to power. Strong, articulate, and I like him, agree that knowing thyself is the key to a good sex life, and a good life overall. I school all the younger guys I come in contact with when I am out in a bar or club. I let them in on how we use to meet people before Grindr, Scruff, SnaoChat, HopScotch, HobKnob or what ever the hell these "dating apps" are called, LOL 🙂 I tell them that you had to actually engage a man, in real life, 3d, in the flesh and eye to eye and make a connection before anything went down. There was the human element that would cause a spark. I also let them know that I am standing on the shoulders of the Stonewall generation. Their bravery, fight and resilience has given me my civil rights. They should know their history that because of them, and me, there isn't this secret taboo society that lurks in the corner. We are out, loud, proud and unapologetic.This should be passed down to the next group of queer people coming of age so they can make this world a better place. All the best to you!

  12. that guy is right. about just Talking to people to see if theyre for you.out of the bedroom. thats good advice to straight or gay people. KNOW them BEFORE you take off your clothes.

  13. either youre gay or youre not. period. its like being pregnant either you are or youre not. he is. yay him. at least he owns who he is. and not too many people gay or not can say that.

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