The Globe’s Hannah Sung sits down with second soloists Dylan Tedaldi and Jordana Daumec from The National Ballet of Canada to ask them questions from Globe readers


  1. When he ripped his tights, what’s going on underneath there? I think the lady in the purple tights got moist when asking that question. Lima Charlie 😎🎸🤣

  2. ellos encantados de seguir haciendo un circo con la muerte de Jose Jose Juan Gabriel Camilo sesto etc. hasta donde hemos llegado con estos medios de descomunicacion su unico objetivo crear caos y confucion !

  3. So…..I watch a lot of interview videos, since I’m in bed a lot. So….whenever a ballet dancer, man or woman is asked a question, they seem to not be able to just give an answer….they have to start with, “So.”

    Q: Do men dance on their toes? A: So….no, we don’t
    Q: How do you keep your junk from showing? A: So….we wear dance belts
    Q: How much crap food do you eat? So….I only eat crap food

    I think you have to talk like that to get in top companies in the US. And it’s super annoying. 😡

  4. They need their jock straps for safety. In fact, other men doing other sorts of physical work or movements might also benefit from these. The tights have to be tight and flexible because the guys have to jump much higher and wider than the girls. You can't do this in firm baggy etc trousers. You could do it naked, but the audience or your prima ballerina you were supposed to lift and support etcin say, a bluebird hold, well she might decide that perhaps you are nother stage proince, afterall. And refuse to let you near her. Those lifts, hold, moves etctheguys do areextremely demanding, physically. Tbese guys have to bevery strong, though they look slenderand even effete, sometimes. Neveru derestimate their physical stamina. I once saw a male dancer in a competitition with champion football players, with aballet mistress calling the shots. Sherequired them to all keep jumpingacertaiheight to a set rhythm until they dropped from exhaustion. They all died in the end, asmen must. But the football champions fizzled out longbefore the maleballet dancer. 100 jumps, 200 jumps, 2004, still going… He ten asked the rest laying flat on the floor exhausted why they had stopped, since themusic wasstill going. He then gave a gracious bow, smiled modeztly at the audience andwalked off stage. He got no more flack from the burly tough macho mafootbalkers after that. But they did not want to try anothercompetition with him, for some reason…

  5. obvious question…"How do you prepare to hold women you work with in the most intimate place on their body? Same for figure skating guys I guess, but how do you keep the relationship formal?

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