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This powerful and disturbing documentary covers the outcry approaching the release of Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, the two 10 year old boys who killed 2 year-old James Bulger in 1993. Re-telling the tragedy, the film presents the protests against their release from an institution, delves into the backgrounds of the killers, their terrible violent act and the impact it caused in UK. It also explores claims that their punishment has been a sham, as reporter Deborah Davies investigates how inmates at secure units are treated and interviews experts to learn whether eight years has been sufficient time to successfully rehabilitate the pair.

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  1. Police were pretty dim on this one at the beginning.. the video clearly showed Jamie being led away by boys aged around 10 or 11.. however the first inspector that saw the video delacred the abduscots must have been at least 14.. and well.. that became a fact.. the failure of teams…
    As to the mainstrream, media e.g. The Sun.. they are as vile as any murderer, perhaps moreso.

  2. my opinion is: i feel really bad for James and disgusted about what the two boys did, James would be a grown man by now. im just so confused to why people didnt try to stop them if they witnessed it? but i do believe maybe JUST MAYBE they can change, therapy can help a broken person. they were both broken children, and psycopaths in the head at the moment. they knew what they were doing, but maybe it’s possible they changed. what they did is unforgivable, but they should be checked many times for whether they dangerous or not before being let out. I think there is a slight chance that they have changed and earned their lesson, they werent educated as children. their families were messed up and they were heartbroken. sometimes it causes people to become insane but it can be cured by therapy, please notice how the parents didnt teach them how to behave. their families were messed up and children’s brains are easy to traumatize. they were just insane kids because of their parents, abusing them wouldnt make anything better so please stop saying “they were treated so nicely” thats how children improve! by soaking in positive thoughts but they need to be encouraged to do so by therapists, abusing them would make them horrible people since childhood. they were just hurt and broken, everyone reacts to traumatization differently and thats why there are r rated movies. if a kid sees violence or an example their brains will automatically remember that, especially if its their parents. so hopefully nothing like this repeats itself and i hope James is resting in heaven. rest in peace James, you will be missed baby boy <3 please do not attack me but feel free to state your opinion!

  3. i go into this expecting to see new images of those fools. and given already seen images under the false ad of never before seen images with the addition of court order deeming it not allowed to see recent images or interview people who handling their case. let the criminals who murdered a lil toddler go unseen and unknown… while they have already taken a life at age 10 and yet society grants them anonymity. i hope every person who agreed upon granting them anonymity will be given a even more brutal death one by one for the utter disrespect shown to lil james and his family

  4. Whenever I read or hear about this story, I get the urge to hug my 1,5 year old son and never let go.
    What baffles me tho is how these young boys parents knew how troubled they were, yet refused to get them help out of fear the CPS would get involved.
    Did they know what they were doing? Yes, even as young as 10 years old knows wrong from right and judging by how they had set their mind on abducting a toddler, they absolutely knew what they were doing and that it was wrong. However, I personally think that if they got help by the school/parents/CPS when they started showing signs of behavioral disorder, this whole tragedy could have been prevented.

  5. After watching this I still think just because these two kids might have changed and become better people doesn't erase they're past atrocities and if somebody hunts them down and kills them in brutal fashion well that a dark sense of Karma isn't it what goes around comes around and you reap what you sow.

  6. Ooh that one kid is a straight con artist using tears and tantrums to get sympathy; if he is released he will kill again. You can tell from the interview that he is cunning and manipulative

  7. Are we supposed to feel sorry for those two beasts??? Really???!!!
    The system keeps protecting the guilty ones under "human rights" standard. While the victims are never vendicated!!!
    Shame on those who have protected those two!!
    Maybe when your own son or daughter will be killed like that you will change your mind.

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