The Pornstar Martini is one of the most popular cocktails in the UK and is viewed as a modern classic. The cocktail was created in 2002 by bartender and LAB (London Academy of Bartending) bar founder Douglas Ankrah at The Townhouse bar in Knightsbridge.

He first named the cocktail the Maverick Martini, in recognition to a sketchy club in Cape Town, but later changed the name to the Porn Star Martini.

“I called it the Porn Star Martini because I thought it was something that a porn star would drink. It’s pure indulgence, sexy, fun and evocative,” Douglas Ankrah said.

This is an adapted recipe. The original recipe calls for 50mL Vanilla Vodka, 20mL Passionfruit Liqueur, 50mL Passionfruit Puree and 2 Bar Spoons of Homemade Vanilla Sugar.





– 60mL Vodka
– 30mL Passionfruit Puree
– 30mL Vanilla Syrup
– 15mL Fresh Lime Juice
– Prosecco or Champagne

1. Combine all ingredients (except the sparkling wine) to your cocktail shaker
2. Shake with ice
3. Strain into a chilled coupe glass
4. Garnish with half a passionfruit (sprinkle with vanilla sugar, optional)
5. Serve with a shot glass of prosecco or Champagne

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  1. I've been making this totally different. No idea what's considered more correct though.:40 ml vodka,15ml passion fruit poure, 10 ml Passoa, 25ml lime. shaker strain and then fill a shot of champange. If anyone tries it i'd want feedback 😀

  2. I wondering if u do a video on how to make a passion fruit martini. T.G.i Fridays produced their own in bottles in the UK . I just wondered how it compares to a pornstar martini

  3. aight not gonna lie this is the weirdest method ever.
    i work in a bar and the way we make a pornstar martini is: 25ml vodka, 25ml passoa, 75ml pineapple juice, 50ml passion fruit purée and a little drop of vanilla syrup. it will make the drink froffy enough to create a tiny bit of head on top, and, as a garnish dried grapefruit.
    i hope you will be making this drink too

  4. Pretty sure most bars in the uk use passoa🤔 however its hard to find a good recipe that looks the right orangey colour with the nice foam on top because there is no single widely used recipe

  5. I'm glad you used the vanilla syrup, I don't really care for this trend the liquor industry is going through where they have a zillion different flavors of a spirit. I'd rather have one good bottle of each spirit with no flavor and then add a flavor to it as the drink calls for it.

  6. Oh Steve the bartender you disappoint me, you have the wrong information my friend. Douglas Ankrah invented the pornstar martini, he uses a passion fruit liqueur, either passoa or de kuyper. The inventor can’t be wrong

  7. It’s called the pornstar because the dry Prosecco is supposed to be a pallet cleanser for the sweet drink so when you sip from both back and forth it’s like your shlurping two gentlemen

  8. So what does this have in common with martini? Just give new names to new things, own the new ideas and let old ideas keep their charm. Calling things martinis is just cheap

  9. Easily the most popular drink at my bar! Must go through over 50 a night. We use a slightly different recipe –

    45ml of Stolichnaya Vanil
    25ml of Passoa
    20ml of Pineapple Juice
    10ml of Orange Juice
    10ml of Apple Juice
    10ml of Prosecco Syrup (homemade)
    10ml of Passionfruit Syrup (homemade)
    Dash of Vanilla Extract

  10. the recipe I have for the pornstar martini has passoa in it, never tried it do, because I believe it will be to sweet for me.

    50ml Vodka
    25ml Pasion Fruit liquor (Passoa its a good brand)
    35ml Passion fruit puree
    10ml lime juice
    20ml vanilla syrup

  11. Nice drink, I have to try that out!! I really like the down to earth kinda way in which you do your videos. It's relatable and provides easy to understand yet valueable information. Thank you 🙂

  12. I continued to research a little further into this drink after I filmed, edited and uploaded… kind of a backwards way to do it I know!! The original recipe differs to mine (hence why it's 'adapted')… so hopefully there aren't too many angry Brits! 😉
    After spending some time searching, I couldn't seem to find the exact original recipe. I did come across a video of the drink's original creator, Douglas Ankrah, making the drink but I was a little skeptical as to whether it was truly the original recipe. The video was sponsored by a few liquor companies and he referred to it as the "new Pornstar Martini" which lead me to believe that it had been adapted to suit the sponsor…anyways, a more 'true to the original' recipe would be:

    – 50mL Vanilla Vodka
    – 20mL Passionfruit Liqueur (Passoa seems to be popular for UK bartenders but the video referred to the sponsor's brand, De Kuyper)
    – 50mL Passionfruit Puree (I used passionfruit pulp in syrup – which makes for a less orangey-looking cocktail)
    – 2 Bar Spoons of Homemade Vanilla Sugar
    – half a passionfruit garnish sprinkled with vanilla sugar

    The version I made was referred to by a few US websites so this lead me to believe that perhaps the passionfruit liqueur isn't as prevalent (like in Aus) – can anyone weigh in on this one?

    This version still tastes great – just note that it's not the original recipe =) enjoy!

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