You’re Gay…Now What? This week we continue out Lesbian Basics 101 and Dive into Tips for Coming Out! Cali and Divine each share their insight of the first things you can do when you come out and want to share it with the world!

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  1. Thank you so much to everyone who has watched this Video and Subscribed!! We love and so appreciate all of the support, questions, and comments people have left us!!! We hope you find this video inspirational and informative! If you need anything at all, we are here to help support you!!!!

  2. I’m 10 and I like a girl so I told her and now we are dating! I know that you have to be 12 to choose your sexuality but I think I want this to happen. My auntie is the same so she is a very helpful role model. I haven’t told anyone but that girl and my best friend. I trust them and the are very supportive of this. The girl I like was strait and I had a other girlfriend before and she was not happy about it so I gave up on it until recently the girl I’m dating asked me if I still like girls and I told her I did so she told me she liked me and I was so happy because I really liked her❤️ I believe that this is going to work and I hope my family is ok with it haha

  3. I love this advice. My parents and family were actually the ones to judge me and not accept it more than anyone else around me. What got me through was having people around that DID accept me and DID want to still be around me and loved me anyway. Its not easy but it DOES GET BETTER!! I couldn't be prouder of who I am. 💙

  4. I came out 2 days ago as bisexual by writing my parents a letter and letting them read it while I was away at college. At first my dad just messaged me and said he and my mom still love me. When it was just that, I was really happy. Then, we talked on the phone and he said he loves me still but doesn't agree with it. I kind of expected that reaction because my parents are hardcore Christians but I feel down again. I'm still glad I came out but I'm sad at the same time. Is that normal?

  5. I grew up in a Christian home for a majority of my life….. and I’m afraid to tell my mom how I feel about girls. I fear that if I tell her I’m gay she might not accept me for who I am or she might try and make me not gay (if that makes sense) I stumbled upon your YouTube channel today, I’m so glad I did!!! Thank you for all the great tips ☺️ ik I’m a little late 😂

  6. My family needs to accept me as me they don't accept me being bisexual but watching your videos help me feel better about myself thank you guys so much. 😛😜 😊<3

  7. I came out to my best friend first, she was extremely supportive but I didn’t felt comfortable to tell everyone else yet. It took me almost another 2 years to come out to the rest of my friends and family. Except for one religious friend I have not gotten a bad response from anyone. It’s been 3 years now since I came out and I feel happier then ever, I’m out everywhere and frankly I love the shocked responses when I tell ppl because according to them “I don’t look gay” 😅

  8. Hi guys, I’m bi 🙂 that was easy

    But dad has already told me wouldn’t want me marrying a woman soooooo how tf do I go about this 😞 he doesn’t get it

  9. I don’t even know what I am these days. I thought I was a lesbian. But according to the LGBT community, I’m a demi/sapio/bi/asexual and I’m also a person with a vagina…I just avoid the terms all together now.

  10. Thank you very much addictedtolove you really helped me so i decided that i am now in the coments coming out as lesbian .i am 13 years old but i started rilizing in 12 (sorry for my english i am from slovakia) 😂❤ i already came out to my close friends and they were tottaly understanding and loving .im so happy i came out to them and i now know that one of my friends is pansexual .(i did not know that until now) 😂❤❤❤ one problem was i had a boyfriend and i did not want to lose him so i did noy tell him i am a lesbian and that is why i broke up with him.But mostly what i am afraid of is my family and school. My step mum she will be okey with it but my father and grandma ? I don't know 😢

  11. Thank you for this 😍 I love these tips & have already been following the first few, finding so much incredible love & support in my close friends and my amazing cousin. Watching this and reading the lovely comments below has given me courage to just enjoy the journey rather than build up anxiety around "coming out". I respect you both a lot for creating a safe space for people figuring themselves out. 💖🌈

  12. Hey let me share my/our happiness with you people.. LGBTQ is legalised in India Yesterday 😍😭
    158years old law has been reversed and finally on 6th sept 2018 LGBTQ rights are discriminated by 5 bench Respected judges 😭❤️😇🌈🙌

  13. Been slacking a bit…. but it’s great that you guys break things down. loved the no labeling and just being yourself. ❤️❤️🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

  14. Also ladies I hope you can find the time to watch my personal coming out story because it was quite the journey that different from many others but I'm sure a lot can also relate. -Millie

  15. Thank you for making these videos!! I recently came out at 30 years old and have felt..a little lost to say the least. Despite having an amazing family that was 100% supportive, I didn't know a single person within my local lgbt community. It's been hard to find my way in but seeing these videos has made me feel alot more positive! It's a hard transition 🙃

  16. Since I was a kid I have been through a lot of things I never liked boys I always feel shy when I talk to girls or girls approach me… But in my society I couldn't know what I'm until I'm 18 and now I'm 27 I told my mom from 4 years and my sister too honestly I don't care about my father's opinion but my friends I can't tell them because they are not open minded to LGBT community soo I have to hide it till I feel it's the right time because of different people different countries and different minds.. Thank you for being so helpful and lovely ❤️❤️

  17. The only person I felt the need to come out to was my daughter. I don't care what anyone else thinks. She's the only person that matters. The only thing she was mad at was that I didn't tell her sooner

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