Penis enlargements aren’t just a topic in the subject headings in spam emails, they’re a real phenomenon. Penis pumps are some of the best-selling merchandise in sex shops. Plastic surgeons offer surgical enlargements. Registered nurses offer injections of saline solution. And in addition to these methods, which are harmless in comparison, there’s the permanent enlargement with liquid silicon. Men are fulfilling their dreams of having giant penises that weigh multiple pounds with this medically dubious, illegal intervention.

In Monster Meat, we meet Micha from Berlin, who decided a few years ago to take this irreversible step. We follow him as he goes about his business on a normal—which occasionally involves hiding his bulge—and accompany him to the Folsom Street Fair, a gay fetish event, where Micha presents himself to the visitors, both proud and shy at the same time. We visit the renowned urologist and plastic surgeon, Dr Aref El-Swewifi, to talk about the dangers of these kinds of procedures; take a look behind the scenes of the online retailer, Dildoking, which sells several thousand penis pumps each month; and meet the dominatrix, Eve Dynamite, who shows us why men get injections in their penis and scrotum, to temporarily get a little closer to what Micha packs permanently.

A film about the unspoken mass-phenomenon of penis enlargement, dangerous procedures, extreme implants, aesthetic standards, ethical fundamentals, societal conventions and the question: Why breast implants are no big deal but penis injections are worth making a whole documentary about.

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  1. I love Germany.. I had the opportunity to grow up here my early teen years or puberty years (which Is not such a good place for a kid going through puberty lol) but the European culture really impacted on me. Coming back to the states I haven't quite been able to assimilate. I actually assimilate more in mexico because they model europe alot. It's more artsy and open to things.

  2. I’m going to be honest with you guys. I searched ’Germany’s opinions on Japan trying to hide WW2 atrocities’ before i clicked here.


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  4. His thesis at the end is lackluster. Breasts on a woman aren’t the same as having an elephant dick. If men get their packs enlarged, no one will give it attention either. A long while ago they did for a minute, but that’s long over with. The matter of the fact is though that elephant dicks will never become mainstream. Enlargement maybe once real permanent consequence free enlargements exist. Right now they don’t and he’s just a freak of nature at the risk of getting his balls and more infected and taken off for good.
    And he worries so much about his dick, when he should fix his rabbit teeth lol.

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  6. Imagine being so insecure about the size of your dick that you go to such extreme measures to change it. It basically just looks like he has a huge tumor where his dick should be and dude is clearly still just as insecure. Lol dudes got some serious problems.

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