Up until the mid-90s if you were openly gay in Albania, you would be sent to prison. Many homosexuals stil face bigotry and violence, even in their own homes.

In the last five years, Albania has seen a dynamic LGBTQ movement. Gay activist have created secret guest houses in Tirana that offer shelter to young homosexuals who have been brutally abused.

VICE Greece traveled to Albania and recorded rare glimpses into the lives of people who have been victimized and neglected because of their sexual orientation in one of Europe’s most homophobic countries.

WATCH NEXT – Living Through Gay Conversion Therapy:

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  1. Can someone tell me how it is to be gay in Greece? I would have guessed it’s the same as Albania but they sent their greek reporters to albania so I guess there is a difference?

  2. Unless you are spoon feeding me the food that makes me shit you have no opinion as to how I live my life (or anyone elses for that matter) and Muslims are not in a position to comment they know what it is like to be persecuted yet they are there doing it to others? Seriously Wtf

  3. i love the homeless trasgender she was so iconic, i hope her life gets better <33 she deserves comfort and happiness like everyone else and it makes me so angry that beautiful people suffer at the hands of hatred

  4. Im Albanian but when I saw the Muslims protesting that make me mad because Albania it’s not a muslim country and get the fuck of the streets let peope do whatever they want

  5. I have no words for this. This just breaks my heart. I will never be able to understand this kind of unfounded hatred and ignorance towards others and denying them all dignity, human rights, civil rights, etc. whilst demanding every right for your entitled self. This is the total opposite of humanity. You’d think that abject poverty, corruption, nationalism, drugs, mafia and illiteracy would be far bigger problems than the LGBTQI-community.

  6. on peut remarquer que la grande majoritĂ© des homophobes sont musulmans, avoir un enfant gay c'est le honte le dĂ©shonneur de la famille, mais le vol ,ĂȘtre un assassin ça n'est pas une honte ???? c'est bien pire, ces muslims avancent avec des oeillĂšres, sans pouvoir faire un retour sur eux mĂȘmes et savoir ce qu'ils devraient faire dans un tel cas!!!! mais comme la sociĂ©tĂ© condamne, alors on ne va pas plus loinon condamnent, ce sont des damnĂ©s ,des satans, et peut ĂȘtre qu'un jour ,ne vont ils pas subir ce sort dans une rĂ©incarnation…. La bible dit ; aimes ton prochain ,comme tu t'aimes toi mĂȘme, on a pas choisit d'ĂȘtre gay ,qd ces abrutis d'homophobes vont ils le comprendre !!!!!

  7. Homophobic is the wrong word. Phobia is fear.
    To say you’re against homosexuality doesn’t mean you fear it. It just means you don’t agree with or accept it as normal. Murat is right.

  8. I love that a particular religion can allow the marriage of adult men to children, the rape of children (as long as they're a stranger), take multiple wives, rape women who they deem unsuitably dressed and spend no time or energy exposing extremist killers within their ranks, but believe they can say ANYTHING about how anyone else lives their lives. Oh, don't worry, eventually you'll be next.

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