Chris Jericho talks about his potentially career ending injury and how DDP YOGA helped him make an amazing return to the ring!

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  1. Jericho needs to get back onto the DDP Yoga program after all that weight that he’s gained since going back to NJPW and signing with AEW. He’s still the GOAT regardless, but damn he looks chubby and bloated AF now. 🙈🍕🍟🍔

  2. DDP you are doing what you were born to do. Helping people!! Awesome job!! It's also funny that all these guys are shocked that yoga works. I've been saying for years….flexibility is the most important aspect of athletic longevity. Yoga has been around for 10,000 years in India, yes, it works. That's the reason it's been around so long!! Great job Chris!!

  3. Yoga is great for your body and one of the healthiest workouts you can do on a daily basis. But it can't heal a herniated disc. That's like putting a band-aid on a broken wrist and expecting it to heal on its own. Herniated disc need to be fixed by surgery, its simple. Yoga is the best exercise for you after back surgery

  4. I need to try this. Where can I get the info and how much is it? If it's too expensive is there a plan. Would love to do it. Btw Dallas. You should be humanitarian award or helping many. I mean it. It's a shoot. Saw the resurrection of Jake Roberts and who. Jake and Scott Hall look amazing.

  5. That's it!! Been doing karate 23 years, i'm into gym and all kind of workouts and a year ago (bit more) I bought the whole programme which I have only scratched the surfice with. I'm going to apply my martial art discipline into DDP Yoga.

    DDP, here I come!!!

  6. I just wanted to say that you are truly my favorite wrestler of all times now.  I am the type of guy who loves to go to the gym.  After doing yoga, it has helped in many ways with lifting, running, etc.  
    1.  Helps break plateaus 
    2.  Helps your muscles to become more responsive
    3.  More nutrients can be absorbed to the muscle
    4.  Helps prevents injuries
    5.  Helps you recover quicker from soreness of running, lifting, etc.
    6.  Increases cardiovascularity more than running alone!
    7.  Converts body fat to energy
    Btw im 25 and i have been doing yoga and weight lifting since age 20.  I am glad i am not the only gym guy who does yoga.  I swear after yoga, it has increased the quality of my workout by 15 to 20%.  I never thought yoga could really help until i gave it a try and now it is a part of my workout schedule permanently.  I been telling all my gym buddies to do yoga and they just laugh. It is a blessing to see Chris Jericho return to the WWE.  Yoga works wonders.  Just thought Id like to share my praise for yoga =]

  7. I'm so glad I watched this video… DDP, I also have herniated disc in my back, two of them: L4L5. It brings on excruciating pain! It's something I'm not quite sure how it occurred; either during my own wrestling training or weight training, but I've been dealing with this incredible amount of pain since this happened in March. I want to feel better… hopefully if I can check my budget I'll be able to buy your program. I'm so tired of being in pain and it sucks to think that a dream of mine that was close to coming true has been hampered by an injury like this. The only thing that has given me hope is success stories like this. Fingers crossed DDP…

  8. Chris Jericho went through a lot of things, many of his best friends in the business dying or injuries, but he made it and became great successful at whatever he does.
    I have huge respect for the guy.

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