The Grass Is Always Grindr Season 1 – Episode 1

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‘The Grass Is Always Grindr’ follows a young gay man, Joe (Denholm Spurr): master of the selfie. He spends his free time either trying to up his followers on Insta, or looking for guys on Grindr. One of those shags turns out to be Adam (Taofique Folarin), a handsome boxer who’s still in the closet.

Commissioned by 56 Dean Street, and generously supported by Wandsworth Oasis and MAC AIDS Foundation, ‘The Grass Is Always Grindr’ reflects the complexities of modern gay sex lives. The three part series explores barebacking, apps, PrEP, loneliness and self-esteem across its span.

Produced by: Brown Boy Productions and Dragonflies Productions
Directed by: Luke Davies
Written by: Patrick Cash
Starring: Denholm Spurr, Taofique Folarin, Jonathan Blake and Matthew Hodson