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Survival Yaiba – Black Hole Chan

All individual country humans art in this episode volunteered to be featured/reviewed. If you would like your own art to be featured/reviewed by me in the future please watch me on my Deviantart account. Occasionally I will give a status update or journal asking artists to send me their own art under a certain criteria. Please do not request a feature/review on my YouTube, Tumblr, or Twitter accounts.

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  1. I guess the spanish side of the countryhumans fandom is a little bit more bearable? The comics (most of what I've seen) are funnier I guess, are a little more like countryballs and more self aware. Still, I feel like a sinner because I kinda like countryhumans although I only like the spanish part wich is, a little bit better on my opinion.

  2. I've read these fanfictions before, having absolutely no idea what was going on. Thank you for making this video. It clicked in my head just now, and I can sleep at night knowing what the fuck I read.

  3. What i think about countryhumans:!#$/& them i hate them buutt i fall out of my chair when they are made fun of and i live in a"rich country". its name is oklandia btw its futreistic maybe like 2400 their years on what you first see in the country btw again its divided into distrcts about200 i think theres star wars undertale and fnaf etc and weel thots it boye.

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