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  1. Very pleased to announce the release of my new eBook, 'Row Your Fat Off!'. If you have just began using the rowing machine or recently purchased a machine for yourself, THIS is the ultimate guide to get you started in the right direction towards your fat loss goals! You can check it out from the link in the description box above! THANK YOU for all of your support!!

  2. Exactly man should wear less clothes especially if something looks good on him( as his body). It’s not fair girls are wearing only few little things and blokes cover up. It Is not fair.

  3. Where what you want guy! It is your business and don't listen to the haters. Personally I have no problem with other guys wearing Spandex shorts. But as for me, uhhh, I'm too bashful…..

  4. I also wear spandex shorts to the gym. Honestly it's about time people ditched the loose fit attire it's good to wear tights so that you are more aware of your physique and the things you need to work on. If you wear loose it won't be that much visible. Rock it on dude 💪

  5. On point. The basketball shorts are fine for playing basketball (I guess, I suck at BB), I wear them around the house just hanging out. Personally as a cyclist, Spandex shorts are the way to go. Runners, Rowers, Track & Field as well. So what if people can see a male's bulge. Men have a penis and testicles, people need to get over anatomy. And if you are gifted in the gentleman's department, good for you it won't upset me and shouldn't with others.

  6. I ware compression shorts aswell as tights but have normal shorts over the top but there good fitting pair that for days do sqauts deadlifts it's the compression shorts one way to avoid bolugeing is compression berifs or compression boxers I find works that problem away there brilliant getting extra depth in the deadlift plus in competitive powerlifting events don't men wear these dungarees that like a compression short mix with a vest top just saying

  7. I see nothing wrong with men wearing compression shorts at the gym , I also wear them , the only ones that complain are the guys that are jealous of other guys looking better than them , afraid they might lose there women, only insecure guys say bad things about other guys , I say guys be yourself the women will love it .

  8. Let the junk breathe, and hang loose, dude! I like the way they move with you not bind you! Someone doesn't like my junk, they don't have to stare at it. Or if they continue to stare, I ask them if it they would like to touch it, and see what happens….
    Next time, don't cover it up! But wait until you're sweaty! Lol.

  9. I am amazed at the prevailing hypocrisy with guys wearing shorter shorts to work out in. Women have been doing it for a long time being comfortable. If you are secure with who you are, then do it. The fashion police can take a hike!

  10. I can dig that!! I tell people that inquire, why cover up your legs if there good?!! It took years to build them and I say why dont you cover your arms?! I all ways get a shocked look and I add your proud of your arms but not your legs?! Remember Arnold cut of the bottoms of his sweat pants just to add impiduss to work them. I finaly found a like minded person.

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