The video for The Avalanches ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’ directed by Kuntz and Macquire


  1. the midget in a diaper is the creepiest part of this whole video even though he is only seen for few seconds. I always liked this song and just saw the video for the first time, now I know why I liked it so much way back when. Quite a surreal experience.

  2. Skeletons wander over the dunes of le mar amigo
    The few

    The boiled egg is between hell and scrubing mud
    The piano is like a magic drum played by grand Mc Donalds Chicken Nugget
    But what do i know in my existense limited to speaking via Banana
    On the baking soda flushing lever
    Do yours snowboard agree to the opinion of big Planet boy

  3. I watched the exorcist/the shining/chainsaw massacre etc as a kid but none of them scared me like the weirdness of this video. It's the not being able to make sense of something that wrecks my brain.

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