Tell me what you’d wanna do with me~


  1. Lay my face across that rod. Take in the aroma for a bit, by rubbing my lips and nose all in those balls. Then suck the head into my mouth until the full length has engulfed my throat.😏

  2. I want to start by taking your huge cock in my mouth and savor the hardness and warmth. I will continue to suck your cock so expertly until I have you moaning and begging me to let you cum. I do, and you release a torrent of cum in my mouth and all over my face. I then wipe your leftover cum from my face and use it to lube your tight ass and my rock hard cock. Then, as you start to moan I push and slide my cock deep inside you and begin to fuck you slow and deep, then faster, and faster and harder as I begin to moan and tell you I am going to cum inside of you. Oh, what a beautiful sight, your long legs resting against my chest as I slow down and release my warm cum inside your tight ass. Mmmmm, thank you, buddy! 🥰🥰🥰

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