Tel Aviv gay pride 2019


  1. It's them God damned scrotes in all of our governemnts made this damned perverts etc acceptable, by way of changing all of our laws, where once they were frowned on. Because they are all a load of fruits themselves. All this world wide lgpbtq crap was all about them, and normalising their perversions!

    Israel is now Sodom and Gomorrah part 2, and we all know how that ended!!

  2. Poorvisreal theyvknow ideal whatscgonna come upon Them. They are in so much trouble zech 12 amos 5 jerimaih 30 zech 14 big timectrouble . they turned from the Lord of Glory. God have mercy on them

  3. thats is not normal and also not good for Normal People.
    Its anormal and not allow in Gods eyez.

    For that reason, he even destroyed some earlier cultures … because
    they were gay and lesbian. Its writing in the Bible and also in Koran.
    How people find that is not important because they do not know what is
    really right and wrong for them.
    If somebody thinks you could just exchange his sexualaity just because
    you imagine that it is not right….. that is really stupid and
    completely sick in the head. These people have a sexual identity problem
    and do not want to accept what they are. Once you have a sex change
    then you can no longer witness children and that alone is the proof that
    it is not right. Many people have to realize that they can not change
    everything God has decided. Man is totally DUmm and does not want to
    accept reality.

  4. The Divine God of Israel, Creator of the Universe, prohibits homosexuality, is a serious sin that must be avoided:

    "You shall not lie with man as you lie with a woman" (Leviticus 18:22).

    All Jews must obey the Torah 613 and the Gentiles leave Israel.

  5. God open our eyes and heart Lucifer is in controll!! May Those who have ears hear Jesus way, Life and Truth!! We are walking in darkness!!! I cant belive , it happens in God's chosen ppl land??? Am really confused!!!!

  6. Wybrańcy Boga 😂😂😂Historia kołem się toczy . Tak więc bądźmy dobrej myśli bo w niedługim czasie zbiorą zapłatę za swoje plugastwo i rozpasanie.

  7. Get rid of this shit country, Israel! The most gay friendly country in the world, but no one cares about that, specially not the so called Christians. Not even the Arabs, Iran or Palestine allows homosexuality and so do not God either! It is same with the lost country USA.
    Romans 1:21-32
    Bomb it! I say Amen to that. Blast my enemies, please. Everyone! 💣💥🔥🗡🛡🇷🇺
    /Ben, Prophet in the world and former fighter for Israel…

  8. Les gay pride font honte à la plupart des gay (dont je suis). C'est plein de fofolles complètement… folles. Après les gens vont croire qu'on est des tarés de pervers qui n’avons que le sexe en priorité… D'ailleurs le terme homosexuel me dégoutte car il fait mention de la sexualité en priorité, contrairement au terme homophile employé dans le passé. Tout comme le terme pédophile est une aberration pour les gens qui abusent et torturent des gamins, de par son étymologie qui veut dire "qui affectionne les enfants". Pourquoi pédophile et non pas pédosexuel tout comme homosexuel et non pas homophile ? Ces gay pride me dégoûte, c'est bourré de frappadingues. Planète de dingues…

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