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New York Tea Party candidate Carl Paladino is a real estate mogul with a colorful past. The Republican gubernatorial candidate said outgoing New York governor David Paterson was corrupt because he cheated on his wife. News later emerged that Paladino fathered a child out of wedlock.

When confronted by a reporter who demanded that Paladino provide evidence to buck up his claim that his Democratic opponent Andrew Cuomo also cheated on his wife, Paladino said, “I’ll take you out, buddy.”

Twitter @nmatv:

In a campaign video Paladino said he’s angry the media doesn’t ask questions about his opponent’s private life. He noted that Cuomo’s sexual “prowess is legendary.”

He also criticized Cuomo attending a gay pride parade with his daughters. Paladino said he doesn’t want own his children to be “brainwashed” into becoming gay.



  1. @chewbaca1989 I'm against abortion. Who ever said I was in favor of abortion? Why would I like KkKarl Paladino though? He would enslave half of us Latinos and blacks while we're alive. As far as gun control, who are these guns killing? Mostly blacks and Latinos. It's because you can buy guns like candy down South and bring them back to NY. You're dumb as hell though, trying to turn shit against me. That makes me laugh. You're probably just another white racist I bet.

  2. @chewbaca1989

    ok yeah can you tell me the last time you heard Barney Frank or Bill Clinton or even straight and narrow dudes like Obama on some "family values" or "defending marriage" bullshit?? Oh right. Never. the only point I'm making for you is that all these dudes are are power-hungry douchebags who fuck other dudes/ chicks to whom they're not married. But only the Gay Ol Party thinks it's worth making laws about, all while fucking rentboys. buy one (1) clue.

  3. @chewbaca1989

    it's not the actions, per se. all politicians are dirtballs. no, it's the rank hypocrisy of so many Republicans/ Religious Right political leaders who trade on their social/culturally conservative dog-whistle politics: Larry Craig, Ed Shrock, David Dreier, Ted Haggard, George Rekers, Chip Pickering, Mark Sanford, David Vitter, John Ensign,,, I can keep going. Should I keep going?

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