Damian gets a date, but not in the way he wants it, after embarrassing or insulting every girl on the show!

Note: Despite what this system says, I did not block the video from viewing on mobile phones – that was Fremantle Media.

Also, don’t bother doing ‘video responses’ unless it’s actually relevant, hence why there’s only one been let through so far.

(C) Fremantle Media, ITV 2012


  1. It least he was honest, some guys see girls who they fancy the most turn off her light and have to pick a girl when they didnt even want her. However this went from cringe to super cringe.

  2. "Try something different" "I'll admit out of all the brunettes she is the most attractive" well firstly mate ya ugly asf and secondly she has black hair not brown kiddo😂 "is it gonna be steph" "no"😂😂😂😂 who even is this prick

  3. I don't get what's so bad about him saying he was going to pick her? The show literally makes the write down their love at first sight at the start of the show. Might as well say the truth.

  4. lol it shows how shallow, fickle, and basically stupid most girls are.. this guy digs himself a hole and yet 4+ girls leave their lights on. An unfortunate looking bald man comes on, he is very sweet and says all the right things, is not an arse, and every single girl rejected him.

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