The 2020 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade. #whatmatters #sydbeymardigras #mardigras2020.


  1. The world will be a better place when The Mardi gras and The Paralympics do not need to exist because the disabled community and the GBLTTIQ community can point to every second or third Australian show and say that the lead character in that show is an iconic member of my community, both community's can count an Australian primye Minister among its number and all the services that disabled people and GBLTTIQ people rely on are advertised on free to air television in primetime in an empathetic manner.

  2. Was such a delight seeing this, finally got to see all the floats & felt like I was in the mood to party watching it as I could actually hear all the floats & music instead of the constant babble from SBS hosts & the constant interuption for Ad breaks. great effort

  3. Wow what a turn out –
    mass gathering of people ..
    For a moment of
    spectacular sights….
    So ..

  4. Thank you for showing this to our kids … they can decide what is good what is not, what is natural what is not, what is normal, what is not. Nice to see all jobblies and wobblies hanging out again this year. You got more attention again this year. Thank you.

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