My video footage of the 2019 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade which features all the groups and floats. #SydneyMardiGras #SydneyMardiGras19 #SydneyGayandLesbianMardiGras #2019 #fearless


  1. Hello everyone. With love and respect Jesus Christ does NOT approve this. You have been warned. Just like anxiety and depression has a root, attraction for the same sex is not normal and the root needs to be addressed.

  2. When the world stops idolizing, promoting and justifying this type of  EXTREME MENTAL IDENTITY DISORDER , and Narcissistic Personality Disorder, then and only then will they will seek a good psychiatrist. You don't have to be religious to find the freaks disgusting. Our tolerance of LGBT became intolerable a long time ago with the forced acceptance. None of the flags are an actual true rainbow. The real rainbow has 7 colors. All these flags are basically an acknowledgement of abnormality and lack of conformity with the rest of the world. There is only one flag in this country that counts. It's the RED, White and Blue, America's FLAG….the only one worthy of respect and honor.
    They are celebrating an event that happens in nature when there is a shortage of one gender in any species and the over populated gender gives into their animal lust even though they can't reproduce like normal healthy animals. Humans on the other hand at one time their development were thought to have evolved past that stage in development, but we're no better than the animals, and some mentally distorted people with identity problems are proud of it. It's a continuation of Mental Health Awareness month.
    The 'Gay Pride' Parade ( a.k.a. Cupcake Butterflies Parade ): Men having intercourse in public, touching each other's private parts without knowing one another, walking each other on dog leashes, acting out disgusting filthy intercourse in public and on and on.

    Straight Pride Parade: Families, children, healthy reproductive couples, good clean fun. But the left leaning out of touch media is outraged by the Straight Pride family oriented Parade?!
    Most normal people really don't care what you do but stay out of our face, most normal people have no intention of starting a straight pride month and we have no intention of celebrating or respecting your month either because there is NO MERIT in it. Any rational normal logical person knows this to be a true proven fact :
    The human race would have never prospered and multiply from the beginning of civilization if everyone that got married was of the same sex, it would have had disastrous consequences.

    So from a historic perspective your False ' Pride' does not make any human sense, so don't even think that other people will accept you as normal.
    Is bad enough that two people of the same sex cannot reproduce children and therefore should never be given a marriage license because they are not a good model of a family but due to political corruption, moral decadence and lower standards of our society and due to the ignorance of the electorate voters, this new trend has grown to the detriment of the majority and of moral values, common sense and rational thinking. Why do we have a month celebrating less than 4% of the population? If you want equality you need to NOT seek favoritism. You can be proud of your filthy, disgusting, unhealthy lifestyle all you want, but know this true fact, most people will never tolerate you even when liberal governments are forcing us to do so.


    You don't have to be a catholic to know and understand that this bishop said the right thing. There is no way that 'Jesus' would have supported LGBT Pride Day, he would typically simply say, "Leave your lifestyle and follow me (on the right path )." Jesus always forgave people who strayed away from the established true and correct path of life. Jesus was forgiving to those who gave up what they were doing wrong and that was not a normal healthy and moral lifestyle. LGBT Pride is a façade, and our government is forcing people to accept them and to tolerate them but to most people it is an abomination as well as disgusting, unacceptable, unnatural filthy and disgusting lifestyle. The return of Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah, and the same repercussions will happen again. The human race would have never prospered from the beginning of civilization if everyone that got married was of the same sex. ??

    One day in the future it will be medically exposed and confirm that this trans-sexual and LGBTQ movement and same sex marriage was a horrible moment in world history and human reproductive progress due to the newly discovered reality by medical science and rational politicians that they have a serious mental disorder. Future society and future generations will agreed that these people are a very bad ideal human model and should not be tolerated or justify and in fact it is detrimental to an ideal healthy reproductive society. The treatment will change to therapy and possibly a new drug. That time will come because the rational majority, the ones not under media hype and pc control see thru the bullsheet and the false justification and irrational thinking.
    Bishop Thomas Tobin has a moral obligation to encourage high, healthy moral values supported traditionally by the church. The LGBT community will not be happy until every space designed for people of good moral character have been forced to accept their degenerate, filthy,  unhealthy world view. This priest absolutely did nothing wrong by encouraging people to reject this kind of irrational behavior caused by identity mental issues. LGBT people make up less than 2 percent of the world population yet they want everyone to believe that it is as common as apple pie and perfectly normal behavior. It's not and NEVER will be.

  3. Happy Pride! A Day for all sluts to show off! Celebrities and random people all over the world 'show their love or locality' by making nude pics or whatever. Why? Well, Because!: "You need to be proud of your body (this part is even correct, but now…) so Anyone MUST show their naked body to anyone!!" Widely known, but wrong logic, in fact.

  4. 1 Corintios 6:9-10

    9 ¿No sabéis que los injustos no poseerán el reino de Dios? No erréis, que ni los fornicarios, ni los idólatras, ni los adúlteros, ni los afeminados, ni los que se echan con varones, 10 Ni los ladrones, ni los avaros, ni los borrachos, ni los maldicientes, ni los robadores, heredarán el reino de Dios.

  5. You beastiality/homoSICKsexual/pedophiles are a cancer upon the human race. One day the patriotic, righteous, good normal people will rise up and cut you perverts out of civilization like a cancerous tumor and toss you in the flames. Enjoy your open perversion now, scream in terror later !!! LMFAO !!!

  6. Thank God 🙏we don't have this noncence here in Tassie & there none of these undesirables in my congrigation (Im a Pastor) 🤗 as we don't have gays 🏳️‍🌈 here , well I haven't seen any here in Hobart !..
    May God 🙏 have mercy on there soul's !!!!!!!!………. " God 🙏 Created Adam & Eve , not Adam & Steve " – Pastor Charles Tambo : Lecturer at Univercity of Kampala , Uganda . ….. Pastor Cox : North Glenorchy Seventh Day Adventist Church , Nth Glenorchy , Hobart , Tasmania aka "The Apple Isle State

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