Straight Out, a gay short movie.
Elliott is growing up and discovering his sexuality. He is coming out of the closet and he is about to shock everyone by telling them that he is straight.

Gay short film.

Straight Outta Brighton

An Andy Nicholls film.
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  1. I just want to know, how if straight people got bullying in parallel lgbt world. I think same way, straight people made "Pride Parade" every year 😁

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  3. Yeah this is awful! Coming out as lgbt is a terifing thing to do that as straight people you are lucky you don't have to do!


    Have you everfelt out of place or scared to be who you are? Worried that you'll have a place to live? Have your life ended by people who think you are disgusting and immoral?

    No. Every day for an lgbt person is a struggle so don't even dare to think or as this does make a joke out of what we have to do to be people.

  4. This is a wonderful subversion and I definitely thought about writing a book with the exact same concept. Back to the drawing board. hahaha

  5. I think the movie is played and edited well, however I am not sure I understand the message. It is trying to show the straight people a mirror of their behaviour towards gay people but in a very straight way. I am sorry… but made me feel a bit uncomfortable to watch. Deeply sorry I didn't like it.

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