Shane Onufer vs Ryan DesRoaches

One of the hottest wrestling matches I’ve seen, it was a literal “battle of the bugles” between these two extremely sexy hunks!

For those interested, here is the full match between them (from my main channel):


  1. Ces couilles pendantes, suées, poisseuses et j'en espère poilues poussent un gavroche espiègle et folâtre quelconque à la folie, si vous pardonniez la redondance. Je voudrais les renifler et savourer leur arôme de macho cabrón et en rut.

  2. This goes on for over six minutes? Yo what's with the gay wrestling channels youtube? And just cuz I like combative sports doesn't mean I'm gay thank you. But you guys have your fun lol. I'll admit I watched some breast feeding videos in here lol. As long as they're educational or sports related I guess youncan have your porn on YouTube

  3. Il me plairait beaucoup enfouir me gueule folâtre et espiègle sur ces couilles suées et poisseuses, les renifler, les mettre dans ma bouche et savourer leur arôme de macho cabrón, sans oublier son cul velu aussi et, finalement, donner des coups de langue à sa bite délicieuse jusqu'à la faire s'endurcir, bander et jouir dans ma bouche et la remplir avec le jus crémeux, tiède et exquis de ses couilles en n'y laissant ni une suele goûte.

  4. It's an insult to name it a sport. The homo-erotic wrestling is an art elevated to the zenith of erotic mutual enjoyment. Rubbing cojones with each other, sniffing their macho aroma, reciprocally brushing each other's rigid and stiff vergas is within the rules and regulations of this pastime. Their most intimate and innermost natural tendencies, leanings and inclinations of both partners are, at least for this short period of time, assuaged and confined to the limits of prudence and control. As long as no penetration is carried out their desires are kept under control. The two come out of it as simply another couple of young players doing their best to please the audience, that does not miss a single aspect of the sensual aspect of the game, each and every one knows what's actually going on. HONNI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE

  5. Wow can you see the lust and the sexual tension between these two wrestlers and everyone watching them with basically getting a boner in their pants this was the hottest homo erotic wrestling match ever with the two bodies rubbing up against each other and the smell of their balls in their face

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  7. I have been involved as support crew for wrestling club for over 26 years  The junk on todays wrestlers is far more impressive on those i observed in my early days. So pleasing to see.

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