Dr. Mitchell Tepper, leading expert on sexuality and disability, along with Tifany, a rehab nurse, demonstrate a few sexual positions that work well, despite paralysis and muscle weakness. Finding the right position for you and your partner is a matter of open-mindness, creativity, experimentation, adventure, adaptation, and maintaining a sense of humor.

Thanks to Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear for support in making this video:


  1. Where’s the information on double amputees? Are you that prejudice or just don’t care about amputees. I need my prosthetics to help stableize me. I’m not about to wear the during sex as hard plastic is not a turn on for women

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  3. I think this is really interesting, but I think videos about how to do with people with tetraplegia would be even more usefull. My ex boyfriend has a spinal cord injury at the C4-C5 and it would have been really useful. Now I know other people that would like this kind of videos. It would be interesting how to deal with artificial ventilation users as well since there is no information anywhere. And that would be helpful for example for people with ALS or MS who want to find out if they will be able still to live their sexuality with their partners or not, etc.

  4. Placing the weight of the ramp and her lower body onto his legs won't hurt him? I don't know much at all about the condition, but I would be so scared to put a lot of pressure on the legs, especially since I'm a bit overweight

  5. hello doc iam spinal cord incomeplete injure t12 can ia ask u can i wall again and did sex again please answer me . for your information now i fell a little orgasm . thx for answer

  6. The potential for a quality video was drastically diminished by the overly obvious promotion of the Liberator product line.  In future, I'd recommend saying the name of the product once as an introduction and no more, then finding other subtle ways of promoting it, like incorporating the branding logo in the background or adding a watermark or whatever to the video.  I was offended by this shameless promotion.  Rather than being a video meant to help people, it was a promotional video for which turned me off to both your video line and the product you were promoting.

  7. At first this video comes across a little bit as an advertisement for "The Liberator" sexual position ramp, but do not be dismayed. It still provides some great information and food for thought for anyone who has been under the misapprehension that people with disabilities do not (or CAN NOT) have sex. In fact, people with disabilities have some tremendously creative sex and people who are temporarily able bodied can learn a lot from these creative horny people with disabilities!

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