Reykjavik pride parade – if you like rainbows and glitter and confetti and sunshine then you’re going to LOVE this vlog! Walk around Reykjavik, and practical tips about how to join the festivities that take place every August in the capital of Iceland.

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  1. Cool!
    Now come and see our parade here in São Paulo – Brazil. Ours is the largest gay parade in the world. It usually takes place in May. This year – 2019- it was the 22nd version.
    You're welcome.

  2. Thank you for showing this! I soooo wanted to be at this festival this year and couldn’t.
    Already planning my honeymoon trip for 2020 tho! 💖🏳️‍🌈

  3. What did you think of my first VLOG?! I'm excited to start creating more content like this for you – would you like to see more vlog, or do you like the info videos? Or BOTH?! 😮

  4. Hi!! congratulations on your channel! love watching it! I would suggest a video chatting and teaching about how to pump gas in iceland, as in many countries we dont have to do it by ourselves. thanks!!

  5. I think you didn't mention in the video with one word that's an event celebrating lesbian, gay… Your video gives the feeling of a family event. Not everybody think like that.

  6. LOVED THIS VIDEO JEANNIE! This was a nice peek into Pride celebrations in Reykjavik. Gosh those streets are already small and they seemed extra packed with the floats and people everywhere! Glad you went and documented this for us ♥️🌈

  7. This was a great video! Thanks for taking us along to the parade. I've ONLY been twice 🙁 to Iceland, it was neat to see Reykjavik without snow (went in Dec both times) totally a great day!

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