This wrestling match has a nasty gross move. The dude was getting a nasty prostate exam. Not a good thing on a wrestling mat AT a wrestling match. Wrestling is wrestling and things can go wrong but he should have been disqualified for shoving his fingers into the anus!


  1. Okaaay. I'm going to ignore the people who have poor grammar and sentence structure (those should speak for themselves ) It IS a legitimate wrestling move, dirty no pun I tended but a legitimate move. It gets you to your objective . For all you guys who keep calling it "gay" do you understand the meaning of the word? Also if it's gay as you say how do you know??? Closet much??? If you actually did any research or read up on the history wrestling you would know that that is a legit move that is used to disra t your opponent going back to the first games which were held in the nude. I don't when the word gay stopped being a term for happiness but oh well. Second question for you people calling it "gay" have you done any research on as you put it "gay" or Homosexual behavior ??? What qualifies as gay?? I have to say if you look at American football thats "gay" as you put it and and the position names that's a little gay . You have a full back (my fav) running backs and punters who are all trying to score while chasing each other arround whose wearing transparent pants??!? You have a group of guys chasing a guy around so they can tackle him and score. Sounds like any weekend at a bar. LMFAO

  2. Wrestler in dark blue performs legal butt drag attempt twice at 0:58 and at 1:50, and fails both times.

    Fresno Bee wrote in another high profile case, where a boy's parents alleged sexual harrassment by an older boy who had performed this kind of move: "There's no formal definition of the "butt drag," but coaches say it
    involves grabbing the butt cheek of a rival. Coaches vary on how often
    anal penetration occurs, but they say that it should never be
    intentional. The move does not involve skin-on-skin contact; the
    wrestler practicing the move is pushing his fingers against his
    opponent's uniform.[…]It's called the "butt drag," in which a wrestler grabs a rival's butt
    cheek and puts fingers in the anus to get leverage. The move is widely
    used at matches around the country and has been around for decades."

    It seems highly unlikely that the wrestler in blue, who was trying to get out from under a more active, stronger competitor, was performing a sexually indecent act. I think the posting of this video disrespects both wrestlers and the sport.

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  3. Go on! Get in there! Go ahead! Fist f**k him! Damn. That's nasty! I'd carry lots of lemon scented moist towelettes and alcohol preps if I was doing that. And a nail brush for after the match. Ewwww! Butt mud.

  4. The ass poking move is called ( oil check ) and is a highly respected wrestling move it is ill legal but legal because move to stop your opponent form gaining the upper hand it a move that dying off but it is a real move. it actually a move two women use but men has use it.dirty a weapon as it is, the oil check is definitely part of the darker side of female wrestling.t as a means of exerting not just physical but psychological pressure on their opponents too.

  5. The hold is called a butt drag. For the record he did not stick his fingers in the other guy's butt. But rather he hooked his fingers under the tailbone. The move is legal and also extremely painful.

  6. I don't think it's a big issue. I wrestled for a unit during my high school days back in 2005 and thing like that happened to everyone all the time. It becomes a matter of defeating your opponent, regardless where your hands end up most of the time. I'm pretty sure all wrestlers know not to go for the crotch area though.

  7. Call it gay all you want you idiots. Wrestling is an extreme sport, a lot tougher than even football. A couple years into it and every muscle in your body turns to granite.

  8. No he did not. What he did was hook his fingers under his opponent's tail
    bone. A wrestler can get a good grip using that and it hurts the other guy like hell. Try to educate yourself a bit before posting.

  9. Hey man, I protect wrestling when people try to call guys gay because they are wrestling. But in this case, some of these guys at least are trying to say that there are gay guys that wrestle and that gays like to watch us guys wrestle. I think that this is true. I am certain that there are gay men in sports. They arent out but they are there. And you and I have probably wrestled a long time with guys that we will later learn are gay.But we all enjoy/love the same sport. So we R still brothers.

  10. I apologize, I did not know my responsibility was to lie to stop them. The truth is wrestling is homoerotic. There are plenty of straight people in the sport, but also plenty of gays. We (gays) enjoy it, both watching and participating. If you think you have never been groped by a gay guy in all your time involved in wrestling, the only person you are lying to is yourself, sorry. You can be secure in your sexuality and cool with it, i respect that, but don't pretend it isn't true.

  11. what if wrestling is a sport that is also gay, even if straight people are doing it? you can't appreciate your own sport if someone calls it gay? it looks pretty sexy, what is wrong with that?

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