Watch the Pride in London parade in all it’s glory along interviews with the acts performing on the Trafalgar Square stage!

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  1. From the states I have marched in the pride parades in NYC, since 1972, Atlanta Ga., Ft Laud. Fl, San Francisco, Cal., and Orlando. I am enjoying watching you guys having a great pride. I have a few words to share with you all, JUST BE YOURSELF BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE IS TAKEN. My husbamd and I have been together 22 years, I have fought for our rights and am so proud to see what we as a community have accomplished.

  2. One of the world's great parades, tho the sound is terrible and streaming does not give a good picture … the female announcer is not good (understandable) …. thanks for the effort tho

  3. Congratulations to the education system for this disaster. These lost souls don't need encouraging through such events and laws but guidence and serious counselling. The great evil plan seems to be working but oh yeah Faithfull hold fast to the true law and help the people. Hate them not for they are your brothers and sisters.

  4. So sad to see such religiously based bigotry here amongst the comments. Frankly i don’t think Jesus gives a dam about who people choose to love. I think he/she is more concerned with what they do with their lives and the good they do in the world. You bigots may judge, but I don’t believe for one moment Jesus is judging this whatsoever. And since when did you have the authority to criticise people having harmless fun? You hypocrites really are a disgrace.

  5. I walked with the Asexual Visibility and Education Network and we don't seem to have had a mention at all from the commentators. However the support on the ground was amazing. some day Asexuality will be at the stage other LGBT groups have raised, but at present, we are regarded much in the same way gay people were in the 1970s…'is that a thing?', 'you must be broken'….etc

  6. Absolutely loved marching in pride for Naz Project happpyyyy proud to be gay open and proud !!!! Happyyy pprriiddeeeee Equality for all love is love fcuk the haters let's unite in love and forget what others think be yourself be happy and keep sparkling your true colours

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