Poland: Anti-LGBT groups protest against first pride parade in Gniezno

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Far-right groups protested against an LGBT pride parade that took place in Gniezno on Saturday. Seventeen opposition demonstrations were organised on the route of the LGBT march.

Police officers were deployed to prevent possible clashes. Footage shows police cordons separating the two groups throughout the march and some anti-LGBT protesters trying to gain access to the pride marchers, while shouting abuse and arguing with officers.

The protests did not impact the LGBT event or its participants, who continued to march along to music through the city. Parade organiser Kamila Kasprzak invited everyone to join them. “We are colourful, joyful, and peaceful, we do not hurt anyone, and we respect each other. We invite residents – join us.”

According to reports, the LGBT march was initially banned by the city mayor – from the opposition Civic Platform, out of concern for participants’ safety. However three days before the parade, a court overturned the ban and allowed the event to proceed.

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