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In this video Connor Murphy, a bodybuilder, prankster, and fitness personality, heads to the Pride Parade in West Hollywood, Los Angeles to pick up lesbians. His camera girl, Lauren, tries to pick up gay guys. He calls this the James Charles Challenge.

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About Connor Murphy Vlogs:
Bodybuilder, prankster, and fitness personality. If you work hard to build an aesthetic physique then it would be a waste not to have some fun with it. This is my daily vlog, and I hope you enjoy!

Picking Up Lesbians at the Pride Parade (James Charles Challenge) | Connor Murphy Vlogs

Connor Murphy Vlogs


  1. Por kur nata bie un prap kerkoj por ket nat bie shi bie lot bie pendim mbi syt e mi 🇬🇧🐁me sa duket ky nat pse me thua te dua Nuk po e sheron je ajo qe vjen nje her ne jet ti je 🇦🇱🐁dicka me Ka verbuar se qe ather the boten e harroj dheun si perher 🇧🇪🐁

  2. I'm glad I found your videos because they are a lot of fun. I wonder if I saw you there too. Also something I do at pride is try to bring other straight friends with me and see which of us gets hit on by other guys most. Winner gets bragging rights.

  3. Connor
    Help yourself to avoid politically correct shit… No wonder you had issues for being a nice guy… Look… Your life os full of shit, though u r a nice guy tp begin with… Stop wasting ur energy by having this kind of shit life… Stop the sexual shit… U r too good for this shit

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