This week we hung out with Nick Jonas who taught us his top tips to the perfect crotch grab, following his recent raunchy photoshoot.

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  1. THAT IS HOT 🔥 😍 …Never cared for the Jonas boys before but after all the shirtless Nick pics & photo shoots & now this?! Gotta say he has my attention 💜

  2. He's not a little kid anymore and I think people are having trouble grasping that. He's a grown man know and he can do what he wants. He's doing his own thing now and is just trying to have more fun this time around. Yes he's doing somethings we wouldn't have expected from him, but he's having fun and living his life the way he wants to. There is nothing wrong with that and if you don't with it that sucks for you because it's his life. 

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