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  1. I finally got to experience gay anal sex recently, both, as a top and a bottom. Both positions feel very good, but I think being a top feels a lot better (at least to me.)

  2. I can not imagine being asked to go through a bunch of dildos to find my "perfect fit" so someone could place me somewhere. I really feel for him hey because he must have felt like a worthless piece of meat there for everything but who he is as a person.

  3. Grrrrrrrrrrr you boys are all so freaking hot and I am like 13 seconds in realising I am now on the loosing team 😮
    Even as a girl boys want anal sex and I am like.. um I have a place to put that but where you want to put it is not that place.
    The boys I use to live with (gay boy couple and I was the house cleaner) never cleaned up but when I washed their sheets there would sometimes be blood (not much). They could not hide it from a chick because I know blood all too well because sometimes I would leak from a pad when I was sleeping during my period. For a boy to be bleeding here and there the anal sex must hurt or cause some injury for boys to have blood in their bed. I have to love Mr Sexy Black Shirt because he is wearing his watch on the "right" wrist or the same as me. I am wearing a mans watch because the diving watch is an automatic with a purple and bezel but the watch almost takes up my entire wrist. I had to have quite the few links taken out of it to fit my wrist but by gosh was the watch worth it hey. It does not need to be placed on charge every night and when I want it to be quite it does not start making noise the very minute I get to sleep and it is very waterproof hey 😛
    Here is a link to a photo of one of these watches.. https://www.seriouswatches.com/products/aragon-divemaster-9100-45mm-a061pur

  4. I have never had butt sexuality before. I am in no hurry to hook up with a guy friend. If things happen with me as far as anal sex then it happens. Ive had a couple of sex toys in my butt before. I enjoyed it. If l do have butt sex one of these days. I don't wanna go hard core of it. Yes l have a nice butt. And l hope to give anal sex to a laid back guy who has a nice penis. I hope to enjoy having anal sex. And l would like to rub my partners penis with my butt. All he has to do is put it in my butt and lll do my best to rub my butt all over this penis. I'll go a steady pace with my butt back and forth on his penis. If l don't get around to it. Then that's ok. If it does happen then at least l have my plan of butt sexuality.

  5. Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is the way the truth and the life, whatever your going through give it to God in the mighty name of Yeshua…Choose righteousness

  6. I was 18 when I lost my virginity to a 48 year old. He made the experience so enjoyable. He knew how to do a virgin right.
    I liked it so much, that I did it with 6 other guys on the following 6 days. Simply because it was so awesome. Being the bottom seemed so naturally to me.

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