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  1. I listened to your beautiful story. I'm a 64 year old Gay man who came out in 1974. We fought hard every day. Why? So that one day, life would be easier for young Gay people like you. Listening to your story, I felt like it was so worth the struggle. I will be an activist until the day I die. I love the work we did. I'm glad yours is a lighter coming of age story. Normal Gay adolescence (which we never had). Thank you for sharing your experience. Oh, and by the way, it's his loss.

  2. My first experience now that I remember it was with a classmate at a sleepover to celebrate going into high school. We messed around that night before going to sleep and one other time and that was it. After that we both started dating girls in high school until graduation. He joined the military and got married and was off to college. My next experience was at almost 20 and I messed around with an 18 yr old guy that I met at a wedding and was tutoring him. It turned out the guy didn't need tutoring because he is now a CPA.

  3. Always enjoy your stories you keep it will .very handsome brother. Wish we could travel an hang out with friends but soon when we get past all this
    So i hope our paths cross.

  4. Told myself I was straight my whole life until a year ago bad break up and a big client for my job I found out was gay, and one day while we were doing a project for him we kept making eyes at each other he asked my boss if he could take me to do small project at his house and boom! Anyway now we're together close to a year and he's best thing ever happened to me

  5. My gay experience was with a class mate he was really cute and sexy everyone I was alone with him he would say we look good together one time he said he love me infront of everyone and then teacher was talking about relationship and some children look at me and the guy . I love the guy but I don't know how to say it what should I do

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