Porn star Trevor Knight sits down with MANHUNT’s very own Saint Robert and reveals some juicy details about his sex life!


  1. Yey – David is back onΒ  Below Decks (Eros), just aired Oct 2017 in UK – wish they had a couple's You Tube channel (no porn, just their lives now) … Best wished boys. (You prob wont even see this)

  2. He is so sexy, He looks like a cross between Ewan Mcgregor and Thomas Jane, he is just so sexy, even the femininity in his voice is sort of sexy because its subtle, it makes him sound unique, I WANT TREVOR KNIGHT

  3. Weird. His voice seems to swing from incredibly camp to that really deep sexy voice, which is obviously "there," and he uses in his scenes.
    But the camp thing does kind of shatter the image!

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