Episode #3, “Tights and More,” offers an unprecedented look into the guys’ thoughts and opinions on everything from what it was like to wear that first pair of tights to the differences between male and female dancers.


  1. It's okay for males to be dancers. Both females and males have equal rights in occupation and pursuit of happiness. It's common in the modern era to applaud females for pursuing traditionally male dominated realms, for instance in government, the military in any occupation. However, when males seek out artistic occupations or hobbies they are sometimes shamed. People should seek out the occupation that suits them, not be forced into a square mold if they are round, or forced into a round mold if they are square. If a person is strong and masculine, let them seek out jobs that demand strength and courage under fire, regardless of their gender. AND, if a person is perfect of body and build and flow of talent, then let them showcase that in their own occupations and hobbies, regardless of their gender. On the other hand, if a person is too delicate, then perhaps the military or demanding physical job is not for them, regardless of gender. And, if a person is homely and unbalanced, and without a flow of talent, then perhaps showcasing themselves attempting to be beautiful like a butterfly is not for them. That is nature, and it works for any passion or occupation. We put the microphone in front of the best singers and poets, not the worst. We put the fastest runners at the front of the race starting line, not the slowest runners. We put the strongest people in the football teams, not the weakest. We put the tallest people in the basketball teams, not the shortest. We read the books written by the best authors, not the worst. We let the smartest scientists build our rockets and engineer our airliners, not the best preachers or poets. Among the best of the ballet performers are males, and for too long they have been kept out, simply for being male. If a person shines with talent, do not cloak them in darkness. And if a person is photogenic, let their picture be taken rather than keep them in darkness. Thank You for taking the time to read my post.

  2. One would think that at least Mr. Gold would have assisted his students before they interviewed. How stupid to have been taught that tights make your technique better, ha, you could dance in your birthday suit and that doesn't make it any better. Also, Why aren't you having your male students wear dance belts? And teaching them how to wear their t-shirts so that there is a clean and impeccable line of the upper torso? And one more thing, please do not make the young men lift girls that are overweight, it will have consequences for the young man later on in his career.

  3. The first three minutes were mostly a waste of time. It took too long to get to the content – I almost left before it started. You may want to work on that, or not. The rest of the video was great. Thanks!

  4. Lord Almighty! I never knew that tights were such a traumatic affair. I hope these guys haven't been permanently psychologically scarred. These gentlemen should host seminars for Corps vets with PTSD.

  5. I watch ballet because of men, not women. Male dancers are fabulous: strong but elegant, refined but manly. It's what every woman needs and dreams of in real life.

  6. I live in brockton and went here in the 80s. It was overcrowded and like any dance school it had its favorites and you would have needed private lessons to get recognized or to receive attention
    for development if you had talent. I do remember sometime in that decade one of their students won miss dance america. the room looks the same. I wonder if diane still works there

  7. this explains why you are recommended to learn ballet before you decide to dance professionally. its increases your confidence and increases your Fluidity in your movements. i never knew why i had to learn ballet .-. but i see why..and it helped me 😉

  8. I think they should where spandex instead with open feet. I bought some leggings and I was grossed out but they actually keep me warm in the winter. Otherwise I wouldnt dare.

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