London Gay Pride Parade
July 2, 2011

This year the annual gay pride parade of London took place amid the backdrop of the changing laws regarding gay marriage in the United States as well as protests against bullying of gay youths in school and the targeted killings of gay rights activists in Africa.

Full celebrations continued after the parade along Old Compton Street near Piccadilly Circus.


  1. Yeah really you don't see gay people protesting about all the lazy welfare straight people popping out baby's like rabbits and having the state to support them .

  2. I have to agree with some of what he said. Some of these people's image has little to do with people being gay(straight people are into BSDM too.) To be honest, it looks more like they're expressing their interest in a fetish rather than their pride and happiness. He didn't get "told" he posted a valid point for the most part. Stop being so childish. This isn't how you express a sexuality. If that weren't true, this would imply that all homosexuals are into BSDM and are effeminate. Is not true.

  3. so i guess what it " RICHARD COOK" is saying is that it's ok for straight people to kiss and make out and have sex in public but us gays it's gross NOW HOW RACIST IS THAT ?

  4. "Keep it in the bedroom…" ??? Kerokittycat, that's no different than saying :" I'm OK with you being Gay just don't be Gay in Public." Are you willing to allow THAT limited level of acceptance? I'm certainly not! And I'm also not about to tell the straight community to edit their wardrobe choices or limit their PDA, either.

  5. All the men that are dressed with tshirts and or dresses but don't show too much skin I agree with. If prides were all that then I'd completely condone it. But I dont when it's so vulgar.
    I am a gay guy who loves absolutely everyone.
    I just think we'd earn more respect if we choose a middle path… not too flashy and disturbing with the bondage and the semi nakedness on the street.


  6. straight people do the same shit what the fuck is dominatrix a women that is a leather master so straight people do the same shit. so now what kerkokittycat?

  7. I'm sorry but I don't see how a nurse costume can be compared to a dude holding on a leash 6-7 people wearing leather sexual bondage and humiliation gears. Homosexual want to wear pink fluff, feathers up their pants and in their hair to look like a peacock? Please do! But these things are BDSM gears, which is a strictly sexual fetish oriented equipment to wear. Straights shouldnt wear that in public, so shouldnt homosexuals. Keep it to the bedroom please.

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