I am taking the blind folds off niggas eyes that think alot of these porn stars are just straight and are jus fucking girls. most of those niggas are agay( a gay dude as shit.)


  1. Umm so you watch str8 porn for the guys??????? Brah the only thing you should be worried about is only the woman. But you're focused on the dudes and their past. Man if you don't get your closet case azz on some where lol

  2. First of all shit like this is Entertaining as fuck to me cause he know he Lyin he know Everybody watching this know he lying and GOD KNOW he Lying he got rid of some of it not all of.he kept all the one's with his favorite porn star Jake Steed.now why would a dude be your favorite porn star now i can see a woman saying that Umm you no what no…no…no..

  3. Please make your point without using the word "nigga" for every other word. No disrespect, but If you want to be taken seriously you must carry yourself like a man of respect.

  4. It's actually not true. Gay porn does pay more and some str8 guys get tempted to do it if times are hard (Byron Long) but otherwise you don't HAVE to fuck a guy just to get into the str8 porn industry. That's totally false, but the money is definitely better so sometimes it happens if they're money hungry. Fucking a guy and then trying to be in Str8 porn is almost career suicide if it gets out, so most steer clear of doing that.

  5. I'm bi I've seen several of jakes vids even have a few especially like the gangbang vids I prefer straight porn most the time maybe cos I'm bi I have seen one of the guys that was in several vids with jake I think his name Byron long do a gay movie obviously older one so all that may be true also very relevant points being made about your fav porn star being a dude and wtf is up with that water sound like u takin a long ass piss get out the damn bathroom before you film!

  6. lol ok nigga now i see why they callin u gay cuz u saying ur fav porn star is a dude…… Lol ya i see wer u coming frm but u tellen us u had a fav porn star and he was a man lol wat the fuck dat look like gay nigga . And how other dudes ganna make u stop watching porn lol i thought when straight dudes look at porn they look at the females not the dudes …. lol wow oh yea and this is cuming frm a transexual !!!!

  7. Call me ignorant OR WHATEVER but I CAN'T IMAGINE fuckin another dude just to get into porn!!!
    I used to watch Jake's movies too!
    ….I was listening to Loveline one night, a guy called in asking Drew and Adam how he can get into porn, and Drew warned him he's gonna end up doing gay porn to get in.
    Damn that's fucked up!!!

  8. I'm gay and I even find myself smdh and in the back of my mind I'm thinking he too dam fine to be this nasty ass shyt….but y'all know I didn't stop him…..lol ijs…girls check yo dudes…lol

  9. I never said everything I do is rite but yes I thank about God wen I was boning does girls …..I knw it don't make it rite but it is the truth. So you saying you don't sin, if you don't sin my nigga ye cast the first stone? cant get out of dat one can ya ?

  10. I meant to say my girl…….but jus because you had sex before you get married and its girls don't make you game ….its jus make you a sinner if you are a guy…..but if you a guy dat fuck guys are a woman dat fuck woman den yess you are gay.

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