It’s been a while, I hope I’m still fuckable (;


  1. Recently got my heart broken, so thought I’d visit this sub to cheer up. Pms are always welcome, I could use some friends right now haha. Also sorry about the messy hair, I had just woken up (:

  2. You are such a beautiful guy, and I’m so sorry your heart was broken. I hope you feel better soon. If you ever need to talk, I may be a complete stranger, but my ears are always open.

  3. Fuck, you got me hard! And I also just realized that you’re the person on Pornhub whose video I always jerk off to, so I’m glad I can see you gyrating your fine ass.

    You got yourself a follower!

  4. Holy shit. You’re beautiful and very fuckable.
    That said, I suggest that you don’t look to us for validation.

  5. I think you’ve always been gorgeous and beautiful, since I’ve known you! Hope all’s well sorry to hear about the heartbreak and loneliness, do hope you’re doing well!

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