Children of the Plains Part 1: Robert lives in a crumbling trailer but has Oval Office dreams. [Original Air Date 10/14/2011]


  1. i understand why they would want to record this but why record the moment when he is crying , just being there is enough . Its probably embarrassing enough to be suffering about his mom on tv.

  2. Damn shame they have to live like that. If anyone should be living the easy life it’s native Americans for all the years of mistreatment by the government.

  3. How this situation happens in USA? Unbelievable, all indigenous around American continent have been left aside. What we (the indigenous) need is recover the proud, our identity, and culture and then when we know where we come from, who our ancestors were, so we will be able to really work to be what we once were, the real Americans (America continent). Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, Siouxs, Apaches, etc etc… Great Civilitations.

  4. I hope and pray he makes it all the way to the White House. Such a good young man. If his momma isn’t proud of him, I am. Keep strong sweetheart! Fight the good fight!

  5. The Native American Indian and the aborigines rainforest people African people. Lived on this planet for thousands of years only taking what they wanted
    To you live on.. it was a great way of life living off the land and the rivers I've been shooting fishing most of my life if to put food on the table. . Us whites have a lot to answer for why the planet is in such a mess mostly greedy governments. Profits before people. The white man never seems to learn from history is the most dangerous man on this planet . Lusting in for power .money . The white man on put too much value on professions.

  6. I pray you will be the first Native American President. You are a good brave. I did not like the news woman who interviewed you. I am a journalist, you have a right to your privacy. I respect your candor and understand your sorrows, you will make it to the top, never change, let people know these experiences forged your compassion, and your desire to make the world a better place.

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