Health Canada says PrEP should be used along with condoms, not instead of condoms. But research is beginning to show that not everyone is following that advice. We caught up with one guy who’s been on PrEP for several years and prefers condom-less sex with HIV-positive people. “PrEP Talk” is Daily Xtra’s new three-part series on Truvada. Check out our next webisode on Thursday, May 19, 2016. Check out our next webisode on Thursday, May 19, 2016. You can find the first episode in the series here:


  1. If this pills can prevent HIV!…why there's so many people got hiv aids today?…….hmmm not satisfied about this statements,impormative but not sure.,sucks!

  2. I just cannot get my head around this " it just happens" attitude NO that's just plain irresponsibility! If gay guys weren't browsing grindr every 20 mins and fucking everything that moves and having umpteen sexual partners a year. We would not have this issue. Have a bit of respect for yourself, KNOW your sexual partner, and use a condom EVERY single time. I mean seriously how much sex is a person having ( that's also unsa fe) that warrants taking a pill every day of your life!!

  3. last time I had sex sex activity it was unprotected oral on my haven't done anything with a guy since and doubt I ever will. if I have to were a condom with someone I like than why have have sex at all. here's what should be done how about we gather together like a ant hill and demand the government to hand out those damn cures that they refuse to do just so money can be made off of people dying and suffering.

  4. I had gonorrhea twice from guys sucking me. Once in a sauna in Milano… then another year in a sauna in Rome. Never thought catching an STD would be so easy. I had just let a few guys suck me without a condom, no penetration at all, two-three days later gonorrhea started. Horrible experience, had to look for medical assistance, in both situations it ruined my vacation. If that is so easy to catch, I can't figure how these guys fuck around condomless as if they were invincible, indestructible… I don't believe they live normal lives without frequently having to live under antibiotics and medical treatments.

    Hepatitis, chlamydia, genital warts, gonorrhea, syphilis… Besides resistant forms of HIV, we shouldn't forget there are other STDs, which will probably not kill you, but will make you suffer. Hepatitis can make you suffer for months, I know people who almost died from it. HPV can cause horrible warts in genital areas and lead to cancer. I have friends who had to undergo surgery to remove warts from their asses because of HPV.

    Now my policy is: ALWAYS CONDOM! Even when being sucked or sucking someone, at least in a sauna. I went to one in Paris, I sucked and was sucked with a condom. A few guys rejected me, they said I wouldn't get STD from being sucked, they said I was too scared and neurotic. Well, I know better, I had two lessons before and I wouldn't like to ruin my whole vacation again because of some random ejaculation. I have other priorities.

    Condomless only in long term relationship after being tested several times. I would like to fuck around, who wouldn't? But the price is too high, and I think people who are ready to pay for that price and put sex as a number one priority in their lives need psychological help.

  5. Why do some gay guys talk such trash? I like the intimacy of bareback sex? There is nothing intimate about having multiple random sexual partners but I guess it is his way of denying he is a bareback slut. As for sexual infections I wouldn't be surprised if he continued having sex whilst getting treatment.

    As with any drug it has side effects — Using condoms with Truvada is currently the highest protection available and it saves you from catching a lot of nasty sexual infections.

  6. hey prep 'guy' just wanted to thank you for going on camera to talk about your personal experience with prep, wasnt phased about th lack of info associated with long term use etc since thats something i can find out for myself, cheers man 🙂

  7. Gotta love it, the guy is incredulous that he caught a STD while he is having bareback sex…what did he expect? So while he had the STD, he probably still was having sex without a condom, and in effect spreading that STD…yup, that sounds responsible. Why didn't the interviewer ask him that…..?

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