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  1. I cant give you dating or relationship advice because I'm a hoe and have never been in a relationship haha I choose the friends with benefits path every time haha

  2. Genuinely, being completely honest and open about how you feel and what you're looking for is the best way to do it. It can be awkward sometimes, especially regarding relationships (no matter if they're romantic or not) there is no sense in wasting time and energy being confused. You're young, enjoy being single. It wouldn't be surprising at all if he was just fine enjoying company and sex. Do you boo.
    It was only through having those awkward conversations that my boyfriend and I realized that we both shared the same viewpoint around love / sex, very similar to you actually, where they are different things and can be enjoyed and acted upon separately. Not that everyone who has that viewpoint needs to be in an open relationship, but it has been the healthiest decision we've ever made.
    Sorry for the ramble, just my thoughts lol

  3. The guy who threw his fishing pole in the water didn't catch anything either, lol. Regarding the friend, be honest with him. There really isn't a more mature way to handle this.

  4. Omg just because you have a rainbow tatoo does not mean you want to fuck omg these fucking. Chicken hawks lol isak not your fault your very sexy and cute becarful loved your blogg.yeah be single for awhile work on your self explore the world your so young still alot of options for u in this crazy world go foe it

  5. just tell him what you told us, that you don't want a relationship, but you like him and want to keep him in your life as a friend and sex and maybe in the future you might be looking for a relationship.

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