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  1. Are you f#cking serious. PRIDE PARADES have lost their point. Pride Parades commercialized is not the problem. The problem where we lost " Our Point" is with the shallow f#cktarded sexual, half naked bullsh#t. It's not even about showing the diversity , family, growth of Gay Pride . Its all just looks like a Porn Store blew up on the streets. It's ridickulousl.
    Our Rainbow is so Hypocritical. We are a fractured community and all Pride has to offer is Body Image, youth promotion, ageism, co-signing sex addiction, drugs and ignorance about how we really fought for freedom.
    I'm so disappointed in this video and our community.

  2. Some areas of the gay Pride leave out are the handicapped gay people we need to be out there and I have done them now since 1983-2019 And they still don't see me as an equal I'am the goddess bunny

  3. What I hate is when gays strip naked or twerk in thongs on the streets. You go there expecting a speech about rights but instead you see men in gimp costumes humping each other and twerking 8 year olds.

  4. Also, yes while it's gotten commercialized let's not forget that it wasn't that long ago that a business would have NEVER even acknowledged a gay person in their own company and yet now businesses are pouring big bucks to appear in our celebration and march. And yes BLM shoudl NOT have been there and it's not that it was an irony that it was a protest at a march, there are proper times and places to make your statements. This was a planned attempt on BLM's part to purposefully hold a long-established event hostage until demands were met which is – by definition – a terrorist act. Personally, I don't care that it was BLM – my issue would be the same regardless of color or gender or religion. At an event that's entire purpose is to celebrate and continue to work toward INCLUSIVITY you cannot hold a public event hostage to demand that some things/people be specifically EXCLUDED. There are plenty of LGBT+ police, politicians, and so forth that should get the chance to march proudly and if their precinct/job is supporting of that person we need to embrace that. ESPECIALLY when it's a time of such divisiveness causing more separation is the last time anyone needs.

  5. While Pride Parades take place all over the world today it's important to note that the NYC Pride – which is the one that is the anniversary commemoration of the Stonewall Riots, is NOT called Pride Parade. It has and continues to be called the Pride MARCH because our fight is far from over. While it is a celebration of what has been it is still a political statement and demand for equality and thus, it is the NYC Pride March.

  6. Your life is not more important than anyone else regardless if you're black or white. I don't agree with the black lives matter movement because what about all the other lives I'm not saying it's a bad thing that's a good thing but shouldn't we be a bit more inclusive something like everyone matters regardless of what or who you are I'm gay and white so yeah I will never understand what it's like to be a black man but you also don't know what it's like to be me nobody does except me my point of writing this is I get irritated when people say black lives matter ignoring every other color race diversity and more.

  7. just found this video and I loved it, the knowledge was well communicated. As an older gay man who's pride experiences started in the 1980's and the time of AIDS and act up I understand about the importance of continuing the political aspects. BUT in your particular I was not offended but upset. I support the black lives matter movement and everything they stand for and their "demands" seemed to me to be no point in contention. What, we would abandon our LGBT youth because of color? Get real, that was a useless demand and it then became more about posturing rather than politicizing… they were preaching to the choir and for that they held up the entire parade? YES be political but fight for what has yet to be achieved, not over things already decided that is only a waste of their time and my time. What concerns me, and granted it is now 2018 and trump the anti-LGBT pres. is in power along with radical religion and we are as a community under attack as we were in the 1980's. Its time for the young LGBT community to form their own act up because if they don't they could very well lose everything others have fought, bled and died for.

  8. no one is saying that there arent gay people of color

    people are arguing that the black lives matter movement had no right to protest like they did, and there demands at lest at that time were unwarranted

    as a movement blm has jack shit to do with the pride parade

  9. yeah no, blm had no right to do that, the day was not about there violent movement

    also saying gay cops shouldnt get a float is unfair hatred

    honestly i feel they should be removed from pride all together as blm is a hate group

  10. I agree that Pride is a celebration AND a political statement. Here in the Netherlands we have the big Amsterdam Pride Channel Parade that draws a lot of attention. They have included both a Ministery of Justice boat, Army boat and Police boat to show government support in defending the basic human rights that everyone is free to be themselves. (and it is just plain sexy to see men in uniform!).
    As an added political statement, there has also been boats for gay refugees and a united religion boat with important gay-friendly religious leaders on them. Besides all the festivities, political statements are still very much alive in our Gay Pride parades!

  11. Just because there are plenty of LGBT people of color , doesn't mean it's the best place/time for a BLM rally. Just like it might not be the best place to rally around 'freeing Tibet' (or pick any issue dealing with some country in the world). It dilutes the message.

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