Gay sex doesn’t have to involve a penis and a butt. Sometimes there’s more than a top or bottom, or even a verse. Calum is a side.
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  1. I love the last line .. "there's infinite ways of having sex ".
    Thanks for saying it.
    I was watching a website "gay sex position guide" and the 95% of the position showed were about anal.
    So two guys having anal and the other position has just a minimum difference like one of the guys were standing or sitting,…that's ridiculous. And other forms of non penetrative sex are diminished .Thank you so much Callum for your testimony.

  2. I totally understand him
    I am a bottom, I always had fear having anal sex , it feels so good that it feels like I’m going to poop myself . I was always worried and even though I like dicks, I was always praying for the sex to end .
    But now learn how to enjoy it with no fear

  3. I had a gay male roommate that would give himself an enema as part of getting ready to go out for the night. Sorry, I find that disgusting that it's part of a "going out" ritual.🤮 And why and how so many people talk about eating ass is disturbing.

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