my debut album ‘we’ is out now!

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Directed by Mitchell DeQuilettes

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  1. Am I the only one who realized that all the people you thought would care come to an end
    Best Fri(end)
    But in husband and wife their is no end but if that is true why is their divorce. And their is no end in family either but they dont seem to care either. If you think about it does anyone really care. It really just seems like your alone in this world. I told my mom and dad I was depressed.

    Mom: It's probably because all you ever do is sit around and do nothing all day. Why don't you go do your chores
    Dad: Just don't listen to people who hurt you because they know your weak and their right.
    Me: Thanks for your help Goes in bathroom with blade and then comes out with sleeves pulled down

    This actually happened 5 months ago and now I still cut. I don't know why I'm sharing this cause its not like people care.

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