Pécsi Öszmagyar nemzeti diákbajnokság, birkózás, Wrestling in Hungary….young boy & girl


  1. The real strenght comes from your mind but there is this "Don't beat girls" thing inside every boys head and they feel uncomfortable when touching other girls so they try to avoid it, that's the main reason they always lose.

  2. To stop every one arguing (I'm a boy) i say that both genders are equal and that this girl has more experience than the boy and if the boy did have more experience he lost because he forgot all his skills. Also I've never watched wrestling and is it only pushing each other? Cause that's all I saw.

  3. There's no way that girl would ever marry him, let alone date him (will girls even freely be seen with a boy who is smaller than them?) him. I don't think one. Not a single one of these girls wresling boys. . not one. Not even one of the 10s of thousands now. . not one has married or will marry a boy who is smaller or weaker than her, or one of the boys who is the same size as they one they wrestle on the map. they will make it know every moment of every second of every day what it is they value, what are the minimum requirements to compete. this boy doesn't have anything that could interest her, at least away from the mat.

    since 1972, girls have been eligible to play on all sports team (and greatly lauded and commended when they play in boys sport) at an age where it advantages them or simply because they want to, but since 1972, boys have been absolutely forbidden from playing against girls in their sports. This means no boys have competedy with girls in cheerleading or in volleyball or fieldhockey. not one. Certainly not doted on a cheered on.

    so it appears challenging gender roles, and efforts to reduce spousal abuse against women have limits. that limit being the micrometer any effort might bump up against a woman's self interest, and that doens't include being seen with a boy who is the same size as her, let alone one who is smaller or weaker. I seriously think he got some brain damage there. Seemed like it, but im, of course, not a doctor. He was shaking but probably from weakness, and knowing he's gonna lose to that girl. . it must be tough wrestling against both your opponent, and the collective conscience of the nation.

  4. i understand that people want us to believe that women can be sexy and better than men even in fighting sports, leaership and survival, many people want that due to inner male desire to submit to feminine yet strong and decisive women and the fact that women rule the majority of relationships either by direct domination or by seduction, but have these ever noticed that violence against women is rising? off course it will, we believe women are superior in everything, therefore we will stop believing that women need special protection

  5. 99 percent of these video are girls beating guys.. such bullshit at the highest order! nooooo guys NEVER win against girls! these videos are to please the little bitches .
    yeah man , womens live! yeah man !! you go women ! you are so powerful ,
    especially when you entrap a man then have him pay child support and vaginamony .
    wow but you girls are sooo empowered ! wow!

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