This 2 part behind the scenes video will give you a closer look not only at our newbie Rick Hazard,
but also at some real issues in the porn industry. See what unfolds as we get to know Rick!

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  1. Rick, on a well known gay porn site you are a bit immodest. You claim to have a big cock and a "tight ass". That doesn't sound too straight to us. Maybe your girlfriend could act as "Assistant Director" and watch you get your butt banged.I don't quite believe you haven't been screwed plenty.

  2. Usually in these interviews the model gets asked about growing up/family life, but this one didn't include that. Overall, he's attractive and if he stays I think he'll fit in nicely.

  3. he looked like he was feeling extremely uncomfortable the whole way through this interview. good looking guy although he looks older than 18 but video's can be deceiving i suppose.

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