Today we introduce you to our newest guy, Jake Spencer, who just turned 18 and is eager to get his porn career underway. Learn more about what brings him to BSB!

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  1. Most sex like what you do is ok when people do it at home they take it to far and force there self on others I wish you can promote and tell people sex is ok but forcing is wrong please do that it might save lives

  2. BSB has some good looking guys, with great bodies and over average cocks. However, Jake Spenser is truly a fucking gorgeous man. He is well spoken and seems very intelligent. I am dying to see all of what I just said topped off with an 8” thick cock. I don’t normally get turned on by guys fully clothed and doing a talk or interview. But Jake made me hard and I think he is going to be an extremely well received and thus becoming a super stud. I can’t wait to see him in action. All the best to you Jake. Good luck at BSB. Mike

  3. He was being really honest during the whole taping but I felt that he was insecure and nervous at some points.. That's a good initiative to introduce your guys to Youtubers, big thumb up!

  4. who dooes his hair?  I wonder about porn and addiction and worry about guys so into porn never really get to know that  crazy little thing called love. Be careful and be safe you all.

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