hi Everyone, in today’s video on youtube we are going to be discussing the same sex, roles and positions that we have become acustomed to! we are talking about who’s top, and who’s bottom! make sure to watch me ALL the way through! dont forget to LIKE COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE TO ME! I appreciate you all, oh and follow me on insta and snap below! catch you later!

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  1. To me, nothing beats being a bottom. There is something so euphoric about the feel of the full weight of a man or transwoman on my body as a hard cock slides deep inside my body. The wonderful thrusting as I know my lover is about to feel the wonders of orgasm and I'll feel warm, creamy cum fill me.

  2. A real man tops with no chance of ever being a bottom I love topping a woman there's something about going deep in it that's awesome…look like u can use a good topping know Kendra 😏

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