‘The Gay Dad’ is a gay short film exploring sexuality. Writer, Editor and Cast: Dan Fry.
Paul, married and a father of two, finally conjures up the courage to explore his sexuality, and comes to a realisation that he has been keeping this secret dormant for many years, if not all of his life. Love blossoms with a Dutch man on his quest for liberation.
This short film was taken from a feature film shot in 2008 called ‘Dutch Courage’ — the film has been successful on my channels, so I felt it warranted a shorter version, concentrating on the gay love story.
Shot in standard digital — before HD!
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  1. Started dating men when I was a young very young kid but I refused to admit to myself I was gay. I was hetro-flexible. I married my wife when I was 24 to prove I wasn't gay. After being married for 10 years. With no kids. I met a man that I had fallen in love with so I left my wife. The relationship between him and I quickly failed. I moved around a lot and ended up in California. I met my now Husband here. We have been together now for 23 amazing years. I wish I could have admitted to myself I was gay when I was younger. My life would have been a lot less complicated.

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